What auto strains yield the highest weight and thc?

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  1. I know it's usually a trade off but what strains and breeders have the best genetics for a high yielding fire auto??? I also wanna do a purple lemonade or something purple with high heels and dank buds . Please add the breeder name not just the strain and where to buy if possible or recommend good places to buy good auto genetics that k youuuu Screenshot_20230107-051750.jpg

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    Unless your an experienced grower doing everything perfectly all to often we see disappointing results from new growers and autoflower strains with the plants ending up 6 inches tall and flowering. The wrong compacted soil and low intensity lights and you'll get shit.

    Photoperiod plants you can stall and screw up over and over abuse and mistreat and still get a 15 foot tall monster should you desire if you keep the lights on and veg it long enough. They really are far more idiot proof then an Auto and all they cost you is a $10.00 Timer.

    Want a guarantee on big plant / high yield always choose photoperiod where YOU control when it flowers not the plant.

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  3. i guess if you are looking for high yields just go with photo period plants why do you want to grow auto? i have scene some big autos on youtube just type that in on there
  4. I'm slightly prejudiced, as I hate auto's for a number of reasons. Photos are superior in pretty much every way. If you are looking for good yields starting out.....stay away from auto's, you'd be better off with something like a blackberry kush photo...good yielder, dense buds (assuming you have a decent light). But hey, you do you.
  6. I pulled 1 ounce to 6 ounces from autos . Yields for strands . Its the same as a photo. .
    Thc . Its a serious debate some autos do not hit high in the thc. Other autos will hit very high.
    I want to say if you did 100 photo vs 100 auto. then photo 60 of them 18 percent and up 40 of them lower .
    auto . 20 of them very high 60 of them in the 10 to 15 percent 20 also under 10 percent .
    Yields autos may or may not pull more yields then a phot depending on your lighting experience .
    Photo vs auto yield . No training same lighting . I expect to pull about the same if they both finished the same heigh . Depending on the strand .
  7. Blackberry Kush you say? What kind of yield could I expect with a 600 watt HPS 1 plant in a ten gallon of promix and a 40 day veg?
  8. 2 ounces . Veg to three foot tall under that 600 hps top it expect 6 to 10 ? Or just one depending on what the plant wants to do . You cant force a plant to produce
  9. Well, I run 3 gallon pots (promix HP), with about 40 day veg. I easily get at least quarter pound plants with just a 200 watt LED in a 3x3. With your setup you should be able to hit 1lb from the one plant without much trouble.
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  10. ok thanks i looked up the strain there are so many out there nowadays it is hard to decide

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