What auto flower should i choose?

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  1. I know there have been numerous post with this same title. But i am looking for input on strains you have actually grown, not ones you heard of or know somebody who grew. So here it is. I am in Florida, and i am going to be growing in 5gal buckets in the woods. I want an auto that has decent yield, potency, and most importantly, stability. Just looking for for some input. I'm leaning towards Big Devil. This grow will take place as soon as the last frost is over. Thanks Blades:)
  2. Really? Nobody? I'm kinda disappointed.
  3. i've grown himalayan blue diesel and i love it. nice taste, potent smoke, yielded 2-2.5oz a plant and very stable from my experience. i grew in 3gal soil pots and plant height ranged from 20-26in. she likes nutes...a lot. she has heavy indica traits.
  4. Super critical can withstand almost anything as far as temps ect.

    Growing super faster with right setting but so far an excellant strain for a beginner started flowering at day 11-12!!!! And is about a foot tall at 20 days with white hairs everywhere...and when i say 20 day i mean plant is 20 days from breaking ground and 22 days from seed and already 10 bud sites using scrog method. Check my sig out and sorry for the upper case...lol

  5. Thanks guys:) They both sound great. I might try both. I'm still surprised as many people there are in the community that I only got two replies. But you guys gave me what I wanted. Thanks a lot and +rep.
  6. fem. lowlife autoak47 (9/10 potency, large auto, 45 days veg - 60 flower). Taste is sativaish, flowery. 4 feet or plus and wide (bush).
    fem. kannabia Big band Auto (9/10, indica cuchlock), also takes long (semi auto) and gets big. Taste is indica, hashy. Stinky buds (skunk). I grew both and recommend them (big autos).
  7. Grew a fem Blue Him my last grow, turned out not to bad. I used a 70w hps and a few supplemental cfl's and got 21 grams of bud once it was de-stemmed. That was with 1 main top christmas tree style... it got about 15 inches tall. I am now growing a jet 47 that i LST'd, it has about 6 main tops. Should be pretty decent yield compared to my blue him.
    Anyways, they're all pretty good just do your research. If you have the space you might as well go with a photoperiod, better yield and most likely better smoke. Afghan kush ryder is a popular AF strain.
    I'm growing 5+ autoflowers outdoors next year, can't beat a mid season harvest. Especially if you rely on outdoor for the majority of your bud.
  8. Hey, I grew up in Alaska and I grew some russian rocket fuels. pretty diasppointed but whatever. I also grew some annapurna nirvana sky autos in San diego cali. they were much more appealing and they had a very long flowering time. (almost 100 days!!!) but thats what I was looking for was a long flowering plant because more flowering tends to mean more bud. Took off about 3 ozs off each plant outdoors. donno about mold resistance, since we get almost no percip here in san diego. so that might be an issue in florida where humidty is near 80% at night. humidity in alaska wyhere i grew was pretty high and the RRF did pretty well in that sense. Hope it helped
  9. thanks guys. i want something for a mid season harvest, while the photo period seeds i grow are still in veg mode outdoors. i hope since im in florida, with the sub-tropical climate, that i can get good results with an autoflower. lots of sun, good soil, and lots of secluded places. i already have my spot picked out. i just need to find some decent gear, and i dont trust the seed bank info. its always made to look good for the strain, even when its garbage(i.e. seedsman gear). +rep to all of you guys:)
  10. Iceman, hit up attitude. No BS but remember, you get what you pay for. If you buy something cheap i'm sure it'll be way better than bagseed at least. Depending on the bagseeds origin of course.. just do your research. There's still good seeds out there for more than reasonable prices.
  11. i was thinking of worldwide seeds because i can get multiple strains to try out. and, i kinda like the acupolco gold they have. it looks so yummy:) but i have spent a lot of time scoping out the attitude. its just worldwide has a greater variety of strains. and for the same cost as a 3 pack of seeds from the tude, i can get 4 or 5 strains and the freebies from worldwide. anybody here deal with them before? i know the attitude is legit.
  12. You could probably make 2 harvests during the season if you wanted...Planting again as soon as you harvest.

  13. well, i have some regular seeds i am gonna grow. i just wanted something midway to hold me over. lol.

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