What auto fem indica strain has the shortest grow cycle?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by putinfanboy96, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. I would like to know what continental United States cannabis seed bank of what auto fem seed has the shortest time from germination to harvest.

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  2. i would have thought for autos most ppl from US will tell you mephisto does it have to be an auto due to space restrictions???
  3. Yes

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  4. Gorilla glue autos from growers choice says 8-9 weeks. Here’s my 3 at 6 1/2 weeks from sprout IMG_4079.JPG

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  5. @Foxymel here are your plants 6 weeks from now
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  6. Mephistos 24 carat 60 days seed to harvest. Mephisto is the autoflower that you want. Their stated times are right on , all their strains are amazing. I'm pretty sure 24 carat is up to F7 so shes really stable and does exactly as advertised
  7. 24 Carat is a good one.
    Mephisto's website says SourCrack is 55-60 days from seed.
    If you decide on mephisto, order from them, and 1 seed packs will contain 2 seeds, and then more good mephisto freebies.
    Payment is a problem, but sending cash in the mail is safe and easy.
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  8. I hope they look that good! I saw several people here who had GG autos going to ten weeks withiu
    I’m also growing 3 GG autos fri GC. They’re five and six days old. Do you have a grow journal?
    They look great! I’m growing 3 GG autos from GC that are five and six days old. The one that’s five days is double the size of the other two. Did you do any training?
  9. No grow journal but they are 7 weeks from sprouting in a couple days. No training or trimming due to being autos until about a week ago i had to take some lower leaves just so i could water. I vegged them with a viperspectra 600 which grew them out short and bushy. Using fox farm soil and nutes in 5 gallon fabric pots. Put them under an additional hlg 260xw qb light at flowering maybe a week earlier. One seed (the plant ive had most trouble with) came up a few days after the first two and the cotylendon leaves were stuck together. Had to get in there with a needle and seperate them. Been behind the other two ever since. Then, most likely, i tried to catch it up with extra "attention" and probably overwatered it for a few. Now im just seeing how they progress and finish up hopefully. I did do some tucking and bent over one rouge cola on the best of the three plants about a week ago. Seems to be loving that. Keeping my fingers crossed. First legit grow and learning on the fly.
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  10. Hey did you mean to say that some folks have had to run their gg autos 10 weeks? That’s cool info to know cause I’ll get all stressed that somethings wrong if mine go too long. I know they shorten the timelines some on the sellers websites so I was thinking 9-10 at least.

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  11. They definitely vary. I grew three auto AK’s and one I took early thinking it was ready because I saw some amber trichomes, but it wasn’t quite ready. That was 58 days from seed. The next one I took a little on the late side as all the pistils looked really dark and that was day 62. The last one went for 83 days. I think I might have chopped a little early. That last one looked little like the other two. I’ll be interested to see how the GG autos develop. But yeah, my one AK that I chopped gave me a very small yield. So I had one that fit the timeline of the breeder, but the results weren’t the best. So almost a month difference.
  12. Thanks for the info. My 3 def look like they’ll be finishing at different times. Makes chop, dry and trim go easier I guess. Thanks again for the info

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  13. Erm this is a difficult one as grow times based mostly in grow style environment and something out of your control pheno type. So basically 60-100 days is your range with 70-85 days is average for most autos but I've done 2 of the same strain same tent same soil same time everything one finished at 56 days the other 85 days...

    So how long is a piece of string....

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  14. Thanks for the heads up on the varying finish times. Did the one you took early “look ready” or did you just base it on trichs? Gotta make sure I don’t let one sneak past peak on me.

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  15. I always check thrichs with a usb microscope Screenshot_20190621_161652_com.instagram.android.jpg Screenshot_20190621_161557_com.instagram.android.jpg

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  16. My trichomes are usually a combination of clear, cloudy, and amber.
    Even the ones I think are amber could be off-color clear.
    They never look like those perfect internet pictures.
    Some of us think that trichome judging is so difficult that's it's almost useless.
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