What Attitudes That Other People Take Piss You Off?

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  1. Everyone has certain attitudes that come out now and again, some of which can be pretty annoying. One that kinda bothers me sometimes is when someone Is basically like "Fuck it" about literally everything. Like they don't want to do shit ever but will then complain about what situation they're in.
  2. dont really understand what you mean, everybody hates when people get angry for no reason, or bitchy and complain. the "fuck it" attitude you're talking about? people are stupid as hell these days I dont blame them.
  3. the "omg i'm so hot or rich and you must look at me and give me all your attention or i turn into a total cunt" attitude. 
  4. I have a fuck it attitude. Because I know how stupid life really is so I do what I want.
    But not the "Like they don't want to do shit ever but will then complain about what situation they're in." you described. That's not a fuck it attitude. That's a whiny bitch attitude.
    I hate the defensive attitude. I mean like chill dude don't to take shit so personal. It's not even about you. Quit being so inhibited. 
    It's like a narcissistic paranoia. It drives me crazy!
  5. The general attitude of many of those who frequent the "politics" section of the forum.
    When people brush off or make excuses for things like racism, homophobia, transphobia, and sexism.
  6. Oh, this should be good.
    On topic, I don't get pissed off...A bit of modesty I think, coming from a God. :cool:
    This 100%.  People that are just like "Sorry, but that's just how I was raised, so I can't help but hate mud people and queers."  
  8. Yeah I guess there's different types of fuck it attitudes. The one that bothers me is when people say Fuck it about everything that they should be doing to progress in life and then wonder why their life sucks and even go so far as to tell people in better situations that they're lucky to be doing so good.

    I myself will say Fuck it about many things but these are usually just stupid things that don't really need to be done and are frustrating and therefore not worth my time. Life's too short to get hung up on the details a lot of times so you're better off just moving on to something more beneficial or enjoyable if you can. There's a time to say Fuck it and there's a time to just suck it up and get whatever done you need to get done so you can move on.
  9. I have a fuck it attitude life is to short to take peoples BS
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    that attitude of "i am a tough ass and i'm the fucking boss of everyone"
    meanwhile you really just have a childhood mentality
  11. Pussies in person acting like tough guys in anonymous forums.
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    People who self project because they are unsatisfied with their own shitty lives, i do it too sometimes but i try to catch myself. 
    Hypocrisy, that pisses me off to no end, also something i will do occasionally but rarely get away with without catching myself, it can be hard and i can understand some peoples viewpoints, its all a matter of perspective i suppose. 
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    The people who don't use their brain to find common ground in a conversation. All they want to do is contradict everything you say with petty examples when they know perfectly well what you mean. Instead of having a conversation they decide to argue about the smallest things, they cant grasp large concepts they are stuck on the details. This attitude is very common online. It's called being a contrarian. These people are hard to talk to because they are smart enough to argue but not smart enough to understand your point of view.
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    The shitty qualities that humans exert so let me list:
    • Arrogance (To the point where they can't listen, Ex: Oedipus Rex.)
    • Incompetent 
    • Domineering, like to the point where they want to shove their ideals in your throat because "it's their way and they impose because it's normal" 
    • Noisy dramatic parasites, making your business their business. This is why I stay away from communicating from family members because they are always loud and obnoxious talking about insignificant nonsense. Like for example: My cousin just got arrested for 3 ounces and a BB gun so as soon as they heard, their voices started increasing for no apparent reason. I rather stay quiet and deal with the assumed criticisms because I don't care to gossip about people.
    • When someone thinks raising their tone is a logical way to get their point across, LOL how does it? 
    I probably would get irritated easily if I had to deal with people for a long period of time but I learned to keep my cool. 
  15. Intolerance and Ignorance.
  16. [SUB]The entitlement of kids who've grown up in pretty well-off families.[/SUB]
    [SUB]when you tell people you're on gov. benefits and they treat you like a sub-human being. (if you're so offended by it hey, give me a job then, stuck up arsehole)[/SUB]
    [SUB]the expectation that you're into something purely because it's 'popular'. and then the social ostracisation purely because you're not.[/SUB]
    [SUB]"Peace.Love.Unity.Respect"... the ravers go on and on about this but i have NEVER actually seen it in application amongst them.[/SUB]
    hahaha noisy dramatic parasites. i hate that shit although it's not really an attitude. it's just making bullshit out of nothing. there are so many people out there who act like that
    Exactly, lol. "We are the true champions of individual liberty and freedom... except for when you deviate even an inch from our narrow-minded ideals!"
    Also, "All forms of coercion are evil!!... except for when it comes to the private sector"
    They can all take their "non-aggression principle" and shove it up their ass.
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    A negative attitude. Especially when they assume the worst possible scenario for any proposed idea. For Example: "Yo dude lets smoke these joints and take a hike outside in the forest." Their reply: "Nah dude that is a terrible idea, you're going to get sunburned and possibly catch skin cancer, attract parasitic ticks that will deplete you of blood and infect diseases, and they have k-9 dogs patrolling every trail in the forest; are you trying to get us arrested?" My reply: "stfu, you paranoid meth-head" 

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