What are yous scared of?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cloud10_2003, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. for me its i have a fear of not knowing like...if im in a room and the lights are turned off and i know theres nothing in there im good....but if i walk into a dark room im like wtf bruh whos tryna take my anal virginity. & i also fear all reptiles...had a bad experience with a iguana once.
  2. LMFAO!. im afraid of....i cant top that nvm :p
  3. LOOOL shiett still share yours im curious to know stuck at 3am wide awake without weed LOL
  4. Not being fucked up :D
  5. I'm afraid of spiders, and death kind of. But some days are better than others.
  6. Not all that much really.
    getting stabbed again, spiders, something bad happening to family, cant think of anything else
  7. im scared of gettin eatin by a shark. i would be pissed.

  8. you've been stabbed?? how that happen.
  9. The thought of losing my wife.

  10. Fight in a club in Japan
  11. ^^ Just killed my high.. Dont click

  12. were you in the navy? or just got in a kill bill type battle :3

  13. Reaction pls?
  14. Scared fukkkkkkk

  15. you bitch

  16. Don't insult me just because I'm relevantly contributing to a thread.
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    Not too much. The usual shit. Dying. Family or friends dying too soon in life. Ladybugs.

    My primary fear changes every couple years. Right now the biggest fear of mine is loneliness later in life. Like waking up at the age of 40 or some shit with no significant other, friends, or family (since I don't have a great relationship with any of them right now). That would fucking suck >.>

    Pretty much grounds to kill myself if I get to that point. And death is scary, so that would be... you know.. scary. But hey, if I reached that point and died, nobody would care.. which makes loneliness late on life even more scarier to me
  18. Dying poor and alone, fuck my life.
  19. Being swallowed whole by a big ass whale or some shit. That would be the worst

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