What are your views on society?

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    I'm just interested in seeing other people's perspective. If there's anything that pisses you off, or impresses you, or anything you just want to comment on about society, I just want to know. My biggest thing is how success is measured by money, not happiness. That bugs the shit out of me.

  2. Too much to judge on a world level and it changes depending on the community. I don't feel like writing a sociology paper right now.
  3. I have become pretty tired of the lack of general respect and courtesy in our society. And I understand that the Internet with anonymous so easily attached, has certainly been an instrumental piece to that negative trend. Unfortunately the poor behavior ends up translating to "Reality" for far too many individuals.
  4. It's true, people are getting ruder and ruder. Its a sad fact.
  5. Society is made up of people. And generally I'm not too crazy about people, so....
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    Even worse than success being judged on happiness is that happiness is judged on success. You're not suppose to be happy unless you fit a certain criteria. And you're criticized otherwise. Society dictates your sense of self rather than you. Because everyone cares too much about themselves, and themselves in relation to other selves. I don't believe depression is much more than lack of understanding of our survival need.
  7. What a fantastic first post! Glad to see a new member to GC! I 100% agree with you on everything you said, it's very true! An example would be if you work a minimum wage job and are single and don't have a lot money, then society defines you as unhappy, or could never imagine how you could possibly be happy, I find that ridiculous! People are so focused on being better than others and having more money that the actual sense of happiness is dissipating. Its a terrible truth, and I won't live my life with that logic.
  8. For the most part society blows
  9. in general, I have a cynical view when it comes to society. its a negative place.
  10. It's so terrible that we all have the same negative views, it's more terrible that they're accurate.
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    People don't mind their own business enough and try to make other people think like them.

    People care too much about money

    A million other things, mostly negative
  12. we complain about society even though we are society...

    my 0.2
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    I agree with idkwatimdoing23.
    And, this is how I feel about society:
    In case your taste in music is lacking, the chorus goes like this:
    Cinema, simulated life, ill drama
    Fourth Reich culture - Americana 
    Chained to the dream they got ya searchin for 
    Tha thin line between entertainment and war

  14. I think society lost when we took away the right to raise our own fucking kids and assimilated them to vote with the flow of the latest fucking trend.
    There! I said it!
  15. But I'm better than the rest of society.
  16. I've noticed that a lot of people are too damn sensitive now a days. With that being said, it is entirely different than being rude/disrespectful. I don't really know how to explain it...hopefully you can catch my drift. 
  17. I understand that, and its very true, everything yiu say is offensive to someoneSent from my SGH-I727R using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. Personally.. My views have changed significantly over the last 5 years of my life.. 2 1/2 years ago I almost bought a trailer and packed all my shit up to just bum it around the US, smoking all day, rapping, fishin whatever..But.. Now.. Money is super important. It is the key to freedom, happiness and lifestyle experimentation. What saddens me about the society we live in.. Is the lack pride for being an American and the lack of ambition in people my age to actually get up and do something in life. There's a drastic difference between hoping for something and working for something.. And to many people my age haven't realized that life is so much harder poor.. You may be happy being poor living by the beach.. But the other stressors that are associated with just being poor will always overwhelm happiness. I don't give a shit what anyone says otherwise. I've been on both sides of the coin and I was a totally happy person when I was poor but I also was constantly frustrated cause my car was always broken and I couldn't afford to get it fixed, or like I've posted before I went 7 months of eating every other day cause I couldn't afford to eat.. Didn't mean I was a necessarily unhappy person.. Just had a tangible weight on my shoulders..So I guess you could say my biggest dissapointment with my generation is the fact they firmly believe being happy and doing what you enjoy is something everyone should do all day every day. And that's simply wrong. You think I want to be mixing tobacco right now? Or unpacking boxes? Naw I want to be smoking a bowl and a cigarette on the beach while playing ball with my dog and half deep in pussy but no. Not today. Cause I got more important things to do at the moment than enjoy myself, I'm literally in the moment working for the future. And nothing is more gratifying than sitting down at the end of the work week or day and smoking a bowl knowing you got shit done that day. Idk if my ramblings made sense but ya. Deeply let down in my generations mindset of there position within society.
     I agree. Just like long lines and crowds...I don't necessarily hate the wait in a long line, or the clamor and cacophony of a crowd. It's all the damn people that make them unbearable.
  20. The mindsets of "I hate people so I hate society"Bugs the shit out of me. Maybe it's cause I work retail and am a generally excited person.. But I love people. Most people I meet are generally nice people that would lend a hand to help you if you need it..In my personal experience the vast majority of people I run into are nice people. Funny thing is ill judge the nice people as assholes for doing something stupid.. Like at a grocery store there'll be some old lady blocking a Lane and I'll just turn around and walk away grumbling about "Fuckin.. Stupid ass lady"Then she gives me a dollar in the line when I need it..That was a fictional example but you guys get it

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