What are your top 5 favorite munchy foods?

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    Usually my go to munchies would have to be...
    1. Pizza Hut's pepperoni/pineapple with bacon & cheese stuffed crust.
    2. Five Guys' fries
    3. KFC Gizzards smothered in their hot sauce
    4. BBQ chips, or any chips really
    5. A homemade burger done medium-well, seasoned with garlic, parsley, pepper, salt, seasoning salt. With canna butter added at the end to melt over the american cheese, which is finally topped with sauted sweet onions... lol
    Tonight, we're just having slow baked chicken which I'm going to debone and mix into some herb super buttered noodles. And already ate an entire bag of salt and vinegar chips. Hb you guys???

  2. It's going to be my top favorite fruits.
    1. Black Velvet Plumcot
    2. Rainier Cherries
    3. Nectarines
    4. Carrie Mango
    5. Blood Orange
  3. 1. Sweet rice
    2 - 5 : See food diet
  4. Subway
    Chinese food
  5. 1) Devil's food cake
    2) Boardwalk Fries covered in cheese
    3) Red Velvet Cake
    4) Coffee ice cream
    5) Lasagna
  6. Couldnt give you a top 5, i love them all equally perhaps
    1 Oreos
    2 Beef Tacos
    3 Raisins
    4 Chips n Salsa[Medium]
    5 Pan dulce con leche, some hispabic sweet bread with milk
    oh my lorrrddd in my moutth
  7. 1. Taco Bell
    2. Steak 'n Shake
    3. Italian pasta
    4. Fried chicken
    5. Chick fil a meal with a sweet tea
  8. 1) starburst
    2) baked mac and cheese
    3) any legit deli sandwich
    4) corn beef hash (cheap fix)
    5) pistachios

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  9. 1. Six-inch meatball sub, toasted on Italian herbs & cheese with old english cheese, all salads, honey mustard and hot chili sauce.
    2. Supreme pizza with cheese crusts.
    3. Spaghetti marinara
    4. Paella
    5. Pringles
  10. Hmmm... 1 nacho cheese doritos. 2-5 would be all chicken and steak meals.
  11. Crunchie
    Jaffa cakes
    Steak pie, mash veg
    Mac cheese
  12. Mac n cheese
    Pistachio nuts
    Frosties (dry)
    Cheesey garlic pizza
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    1. Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich
    2. McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder
    3. Tacos
    4. Black Grapes
    5.  Sausage Links and Syrup   :metal:  :love:
  14. Lasagna
    Stuffed Crust Pizza
    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
    Beef Fried Rice
  15. 1) Chocolate chip muffins
    2) Peanut Butter cookies
    3) Bacon grilled cheese
    4) Pancakes
    5) Cool ranch Doritos 
  16. 1. Chinese
    2. Thaï
    3. Sushi
    5. Mexican
    4. McDonalds/Subway

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