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What are your top 3 favorite strains

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by madmarek, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. What are your top 3 favorite strains
  2. Hmm i have yet to try sour diesel
  3. 1. master kush
    2. grand daddy purp
    3. white widdow
  4. I've had alot of really good homegrown no name hazes. But my favorite homegrown strains that either I or a friend have grown would have to be
    1. Great White Shrak
    2. NYC Sour diesel
    3. Williams Wonder

    Those are the best three strains that I've personally had. I grew the Williams Wonder myself in Vermont and a close friend and expert grower grew the White Shark and Sour Diesel in Boston.
  5. Been here, done this. But I'm always changing my favorites.
    1. VC
    2. Jack Flash
    3. Purple Kush
  6. 1. elvis (clone only)
    2. super silver haze
    3. sour d / chemdawg

    and a local strain from my guy called luxor. definitly my favorite smoke but not known so i kept it off the lsit.
  7. 1. White Rhino
    2. Blueberry Kush
    3. Purple Haze

    lemme know if you interested in any of these.
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    Im a deadhead, nice avatar. :wave:

    But, I think this thread is kind of stupid. Unless your picking shit up from a despensery in california then I doubt the namebrand bud you get is actually what they tell you it is. 90% of it is some good indoor grown weed with a name like SOUR D or GDP just to give it hype so they can sell for more.


    2.Jack Frost
    3. Sour D
  9. 1. Mango kush
    2. Cinderella Nightmare (dear friends Strain)
    3. NYC Sour diesel
  10. 1) Master Kush
    2) White Widow
    3) Silver Haze
  11. white widow, sour diesel, super silver haze
  12. I've only had blue berry, AK47, white widow, and purple.
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    hindu/master kush [i know its two strains, but im talking about hindu x hindu master.]
    purple kush [yah, clone only but w/e, still always a pleasure]
    blueberry [taste fucking great]

    runner ups:
    og kush
    bubba kush
    king kush
    violater kush
    bubble kush
    silver haze
    grape ape
    ice cream

    kush ftw, but had to add my old favorite, blueberry.
    as you can tell, i <3 indicas.
  14. 1) jack flash (jack herrer x super skunk x haze)
    2) Super Silver Haze
    3) Blue Cheese (Big Buddahs Cheese x Blueberry) or WHite Russian (widow x AK)
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    isn't blue cheese a sativa? how does 2 heavy indicas = a sativa dominate plant?
    i was gonna order some but the description said sativa dominate and thats bleh

    hm. nvm i just googled and read some breeder packs n shit. idl wtf i was talking about but i swore i've seen a breeder pack desc saying it was sativa dominate..

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