What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Strains?

Discussion in 'General' started by DankGG, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. This is always my favorite question to ask when I blaze with new people. I always like to hear the different preferences of fellow tokers. So I ask you, what are your top 3 favorite strains ranked in order? If it is not a well-known strain, I would love to hear the genetics of the strain.

    First, I'll list mine.

    1. God's Gift- Granddaddy PurpsxOG Kush. I bought an 8th of this from NNCC in Reseda. The buds were compact, crystally, and very purple it was an amazing batch of God's Gift.

    2. Duffman OG- I'm not sure about the genetics of this strain. It was the personal plant of Rev. Patrick Duff, Co-Owner of the Liberty Bell Rastafarian Temple in Silver Lake. The buds were crystaly, kiefy, and dank as fuck.

    3. MK Ultra- G13xOG Kush. This strain is amazing. I just had it the other day and it kept me faded for 6 hours.

    Now List Your Favorites.

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