What are your thoughts on this setup?

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  1. So this is my grow room design that I drew out, I hope you can understand my drawings clearly.
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    I will be putting in:
    - 11- t5 fluorescent 2ft single 6400k lamps, (changing out 8 of the bulbs to 2700k during flowering)
    - 2 inline fans with carbon filters as well as a regular fan to keep constant circulation among the plant.
    - Mylar walls
    - My soil medium will be Dr. Earth 807 POTting ;) soil along with perlite
    - A number of organic nutrients, which I will be using in minute amounts
    What do you think? I hope everything will work out well.. 
    P.s I will post a picture when everything comes in and I have my closet set up.
    -keep calm toke on :bongin:

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    Sound like a bunch of stuff you don't have to have. I would keep it simple.
    Lights are the biggie, spend the money on the biggest and brightest, they have dimmers just so you know you dont have to run it wide open.
    Go bigger if you can.
    600w HPS cool tube. $144  (Jump to the 1,000w and use the dimmer is my advice)
    Seeds $50
    soil an pots $50
    Mylar $25
  3. I agree with snoopdogg, this is a good time to practice KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid

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