What are your thoughts on the Rabbit in Bambi?

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  1. So..... Anyone?

  2. The character was an important influence upon the development of the movie Bambi which started production with an adult tone which seemed too serious and uncommercial. I'm glad they included him in because it led to a focus upon the young animals in the story.

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  3. I remember him being annoying.
  4. I never saw Bambi
  5. Bambi is the movie that convinced me that Walt Disney could be a sadistic mother fucker.

    I can't even bring myself to purchase it so my daughter can see it, well, I guess I'll have to cave in sometime and pretend there isn't a chapter 1 on the DVD, like I do with Finding Nemo and Up.

  6. Very good point... Ive seen that youtube video.

    Annoying? :bolt:
    He's like super cool! .... Really cool! *** ****!
  7. if you guard your child from such things it'll cause more damage further along. I used to watch it all the time as a kid, I dont think I even cared/understood what was happening at the time. atleast that goes for bambi, I was obviously older when nemo and up came out, up still makes me tear up.
  8. I agree,

    I would rather have my kids be confused after watching it then be laughed at by other kids for not being allowed to watch a children's movie.
  9. na, its not that. even though its just movies, they bring up important issues, death being the most prominent in those 3 movies, its better to educate a kid and help them understand death is natural and it happens so better to live your life fully. of course death is a bigger issue than say sex, but you dont just push your teenager out into the world without teaching them about safe sex, then you end up a grandparent at age 35 raising another baby.
  10. I wonder how many Australians would think Thumper was cute and cuddly?

  11. huh? ... How so?
  12. Australia has a rabbit problem like you wouldn't believe. They were introduced for hunting
    and just multiplied out of all control, like rabbits tend to do. They damn near overran the
    country. AFAIK they're still having problems with them, even after the introduction of Myxomatosis.

    Besides, I always preferred the Watership Down rabbits to the Disney version.

    Anyway, Australians Hate rabbits with a passion.
  13. something about that....

  14. She's fine as hell
  15. ....Really?

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