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What are your thoughts on meth?

Discussion in 'General' started by stoned_soldier, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. its very good in a very bad way....the addiction potential isn't as bad as some would lead you to believe...tolerance buoldup is fast, but easy to get back down, and its mainly a mental issue.... bad news for someone who has easy access

    just dont mainline it, or you're worse off than H users
  2. meth is the badness.

    me no likey meth.
  3. Meth is bad, M'kay

    If you saw all the chemicals that go into making the shit, you wouldn't touch it.
  4. watch the movie spun. also if you are a fan of a big juicy fat ribeye tenderloin ny strip or sirloin steaks meth is bad because after you do it your teeth get really sore and then you cant enjoy the steak because your teeth are rotting as fast as some plants grow.
  5. I saw that "Crank: Made In America" on HBO a while back. Its the one with that dude Boo Boo and his pregnant prostitute girlfriend.

    Definately sick shit. Especially their teeth. Or lack thereof. lol
  6. i've done meth quite a few times but on seperate occasions. i can definetly see how you can get hooked to it if you're not careful. just like any drug, know your limits and you'll be safe. i got all tweaked last week before a fight, it was fun :)
  7. fucking son of a whorebag. I've been searching the net for a picture(or bunch of pics in one) that show the progression of this one chick who was a meth addict. She goes from damn hot, to absolutely not.

    Yea I had to write a short paper on that documentary, so I'll post what I wrote for the hell of it.

    Crank: Made in America

    \t This film depicts the addiction-ridden lives of 3 families from Iowa. Their drug of choice is methamphetamine, also known as crank or speed. The continued use of these substances disrupts their homeostasis, which is the internal equilibrium kept balanced in normal individuals. Once homeostasis is disturbed after long periods of drug abuse, allostasis ensues, which are long term changes in the parameters of homeostasis. This new set of parameters now governs the addict's behavior and makes it very difficult for the individual to discontinue abusing the drug. The abuser has essentially been “hijacked” by the drug.

    In an attempt to understand their addictions we can look at two forms of neuroadaptation: Counteradaptation and Incentive Sensitization. The former stresses that natural processes which take place within the body counter the effects that a drug has on an individual. The two main forms of counteradaptation are tolerance and withdrawal. Tolerance is shown when an amount of a drug that once had certain effects on the user can no longer produce those effects to the same degree. We see this with(Uhm, I didn't catch his name so we'll call him…)Baldy and his wife. Since this film doesn't depict their entire timeline concerning their abuse of crank, we can surmise that they didn't start with seven grams in twenty one hours. This is the amount they claim to have done, and say they could still do with no problems. This amount had to be built up to in order for them not to have overdosed. Although withdrawal is not specifically portrayed in this film, we know it's symptoms for a meth addict to include such things as irritability/anxiety, fatigue, intense hunger, troubled sleep, and moderate to severe depression. Albeit not the worst set of symptoms, abusers would still obviously want to avoid these, and if they can do so by achieving a state of euphoria with meth, it is that much more likely they will continue to do so.

    The other form of neuroadaptation, Incentive Sensitization, explains to us how the “liking” of a drug can become “wanting” over time and continued use. The more the user likes the initial effects of the drug, the more they will “want” the drug. This starts a downward spiral of drug abuse in addicts. The more they “like,” the more they “want,” and the more likely they will be to continue abuse. These three aspects of use each perpetuate one another, although abuse will likely continue even if “liking” has decreased. Incentive Sensitization is when the pathways that transmit “wanting” information become sensitized, and the pathways that transmit “liking” information become less responsive. Over time this leads to abusers who may not want to continue use of a drug, but cannot stop due to their sensitized pathways that carry the “wanting” information.

    Baldy's wife admits during the documentary that she can't quit, “even if it's what everything inside of you wants.” The drug has clearly hijacked her will, guiding her to do the opposite of what she knows to be right. Another example of Incentive Sensitization is shown in her husband who states that he has days when he “really can't see why he can't quit.” His initial reasons for using meth were to stay awake and alert. He is now just in it for the high, chasing it to no end. Another character of the film, Dustin, shows clear signs of Incentive Sensitization when he states himself that his addiction is “more of a want.”

    These addicts have become victims of the substance they chose to do in the first place. They have a severely increased “wanting” of the drug, while they show signs of a decrease in how much they like it. Unfortunately for them, many abusers of methamphetamines cannot stop, and if they do there is a high likelihood of relapse. Hopefully for their own good, and for the good of their families and neighborhoods, they will be able to overcome their addiction and pursue a more productive and less harmful life.
  9. if its not green and leafy i dont want a part of it

    stick to mj
  10. I agree that meth is bad in large doses and when it is snorted or smoked. I have ADHD and I have to take Adderall. I take 1 pill a day which is 20mg. It help me alot with concentration and it help me get my thoughts together. So yeah, meth is bad when it is in large doses not used for medical use.

  11. Hey you're right. It might have been crack because our class watched another documentary about Crack and I had to write a short paper on that too. I'm gonna go try and find it again, lol.
  12. ^^^Hmm i agree with highgirly....
  13. What are your thoughts on meth?

    bad stuff. unless u actually have some types of needs and that u can use it in a small controlled uses. but frankly...it should be wiped off the earth, me thinks
  14. wow, that post before mine makes absolutely no sense, weed is taking over your life, mr. shards to adderal back to dissing gaq, but fuck it, i stick to the green
  15. Run like a little school girl from meth...i used to live in the south and that shit is everywhere..knew a few people it ate. and the damn labs blow up and kill people..its a shame it was invinted during our time its straight up evil...

    RUUUuunn Biatch!
  16. i lost my dad to meth..

    From what my mom said meth made him nuts, ken (my dad) told my mom that he was hearing voices in his head that he had to kill me and my mom. After that my mom said its either me and nick or the drugs. He chose the drugs.. i havent seen him since.. i was 5 when all this shit happened. Scary thing is i dont remember a thing from this time in my life, i think it was too traumatic for me to remember so i supressed it.

    there's alot more to this story but yeah... i think meth has the potential to be a harmful drug.

  17. i thought it was invented before our time? like pre WWII era? from what i hear, hitler gave it to his troops.. only the shit he gave em was wayyy impure.

    anyways.. i've done meth once. did a line one night, was feelin great, walked to all the local stores, ate dinner, and went to bed feeling great and sleeping peacefully. the next day i did it in the morning and was tweaked out all day into the next early morning. and i hated it. i just laid on my bed all day smoking all my herb trying to put the breaks on, but it didn't work. i just wasted a few grams of weed. i felt like absolute shit. i'll never do it again. i'd say meth's nothing but bad news. that's my opinion. speed kills. but not very fast.
  18. addies are the shit. on 40 mgs right now. i started rollign addies awile ago and oh man, i can liek think so much better, but you also get liek a kind of happy concentrted buzz thats awsome. i went a few days without any the other day thougha dn it was really rough, so maybe i am a little "on" to them, but their really good, so dont do meth, just hit addies.. i dont htink their that bad for you. peace

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