What are your Thanksgiving traditions or plans?

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  1. Thanksgiving is two weeks away. What are some of your traditions for the Thanksgiving weekend? Or what are you planning on doing this Thanksgiving weekend.
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  3. Damn, that sounds awesome brother. My family has always been dysfunctional and to this day my immediate family consists of only my mom. But back when things were 'normal' my mom and grandma would cook up fat meals and me and my two sisters would be nice to each other for one day and eat. After that we would all sit down, digest our food, and watch TV until we all get sleepy.

    Great memories.
  4. My family is lame.

    We just feast and then leave.

    It's actually nice.
  5. Uh lunch at Mom's with the bf.
    Possibly another friend too.

    Eat, watch football, play games like Yahzee, Phase 10, sleep.
  6. i missed last year's thanksgiving but i should be attending this one. I look forward to consuming everything editable in my mom's house. My plan:

    thanksgiving Dinner
    A bit after dinner
    Before sleeping
    5 in the morning
    a bit after dinner
    before I go to bed
    ... then when i leave steal all the food remaining
  7. thursday i'm going to have thanksgiving meal early-ish with my dad's side of the family.
    then go to my bf's for his family's thanksgiving, where i get to eat delicious arabic food.
    then on friday our friend is having a thanksgiving feast for our whole group of friends, so me and my bf will go there and eat and smoke a lot.
    then on saturday i'm going to my cousin's new house for thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family.
  8. nothing major.. just eating, drinking, sleeping.
    Bf's house for a family dinner.
    sadly Mr. M wont be there for turkey day,
    his been deployed. God bless <3
  9. Family gets together, we eat, people start yelling at each other, we go home.
  10. dont got tradition other then my grandparents come over an after eating my dad an grandpa watch football while i go an play mw1 an now this year mw2 lol

    this year tho i am gonna get baked as fuck an eat an play mw2 gonna be a fun time:smoke:
  11. smoke, eat mad good food, drink that sparking apple cider shit, and watch football
  12. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  13. Well this year I'm gonna smoke weed all day long and do some work around the house for my parents, then Imma smoke more and then eat.
  14. Eating dinner with my family then going to the Jets game tonight! :hello:

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