What are your plans today?

Discussion in 'General' started by Big Poppa Puff, Nov 22, 2001.

  1. Today is Thansgiving day here in the USA. A day where we give thanks for all the blessings we have and then shove enough food down our throats to feed a family in afghanistan a week. We had our thanksgiving meal at work yesterday and I ripped into my coworkers pretty good. Standing in line to get the ham or turkey that our company had paid for as well as the other food the employees brought, I heard more bitching and belly aching. It seemed like everyone was moaning and groaning about the selection, or they didn't like this kind of ham, or I can't eat that mayonaise, or how come so and so didn't bring this, etc. etc. I finally threw my plate down in disgust, and told EVERYONE that with all the crying about the meal, no one seemed thankful that we had what food we did have. No matter if you don't like evrything out there, you should still be thankful for what we do have. Lots of folks got quiet and red-faced, and I probably pissed some folks off.

    If I pissed anyone off, the hell with them. I grew up poor, and I've worked hard for everything I've got. My coworkers attitude really pisses me off. But I'm very thankful for what I've got in life and I appreciate the efforts of anyone who provides me a meal.

    Now enough of my bitching.

    What are your plans for today?

    Me, this is the first time in my life that I am not spending this holiday with family. I'm not travelling anywhere, not going to anyone's house. No one is coming here. Just me and momma and the kids. I've got four whole days I can spend at the house doing what I want without having to worry about a family feud breaking out at any moment.

    Have a Happy Holiday and enjoy yourself.

    And Superjoint and Kees, thank you for providing all of us this friendly forum to meet.
  2. i give thanks to day,for the food that feeds 28 people at my table ,i like all but one but god takes his toll on him year after year,my 5 gran kids ,young families a like,all have walked in my path and god has bliss them! i dont give to the poor only one day a year ,my friend bad toad sets at my table for years as homeless, he know love and friend ship at my table,i guess i just can feed a homeless man one day and set him back to the loneless of that live! in giveing to him it has made me feel the rewards of my kindness!but he well not set in a shelter this day ,he well set here at my table 3 turkeys ,2 big hams ,pies and everthing in between a man could ever want!yes my table runth over,with food as well as love and friend ship!have a god thanks giveing you guys and i hope god keeps you save to day!
  3. We don't have 'Thanksgiving' here in Scotland, but I do agree that far too many people, not only in the USA but in this country moan, bitch and complain about stuff that just doesn't warrant that kind of attention.

    Isn't it about time people started remembering that there are more important things in life than not being able to get digital cable.

  4. i hear that !! happy thanks giveing to you all !tazz11

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