What are your overall experiences with weed?

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Was your first time smoking weed terrifying, or was it the best feeling you've experienced?

  1. Terrifying

  2. It was the best!

  3. I felt like a sausage rolling down a hill

  1. I'm new to this forum, but i'm gonna kickstart it off with a question.

    What are your overall experiences with Weed?

    Here's my story;

    The first time i smoked was when i was 15 years old. It was terrifying. I remember walking past Home Bargains in the town i lived in, with my friends, and i felt like i was dying. You know how you play GTA in 3rd person? that's what i felt like, it was like i was watching myself live life from above. I was no where near home and i was tripping out like mad. It must have been some good weed because as soon as i got home i was flat out asleep, and even though i had smoked more than 4 hours before i was still high the next morning.

    The next time i smoked weed i was 17, i hadn't had any for a few years and was worrying about what it would feel like. It was fucking petrifying, i was in my friends house playing Call Of Duty, i had to be back in the my house at 9 but i couldn't do it, my legs went to jelly, and i developed a cold sweat, it was worse than the first time i smoked.

    Since then, i was on and off bud, sometimes it being a good experience and sometimes it being bad. I only started smoking again in the last 6 months and wow, it has changed so much. I think that weed affects the mind of a child differently, as the sensations i get now are completely different, Back then 0.2g's would make me feel paranoid, anxious, even a little crazy. Now i can smoke an eighth and just feel mellow.

    I'm not old, so i can't really prove this theory, but this is something i've been thinking about. You know how in the old days when 'hippies' were the people that smoked weed, and weed was described as something that would make you happy and giggly? It's not the same anymore, i think weed has changed. Ironically enough my mum smokes too, she's been smoking for years, and she said weed has never made her feel excited and laughable, it makes her mellow and tired. Maybe it's just the bud we get in the UK, i've always wanted to taste some American Green. I've been to Amsterdam once, went to a coffee shop and bought some weed, now that shit is the strongest you'll find, i had to go ack to my hotel after smoking a joint because i really did feel like i was gonna die.

    So what are your experiences with bud? I'd like to hear them.
  2. lol weed has not "changed". Weed has been around for thousands of years. Pretty much every living being has cannabinoid receptors in their brains. People have just learned how to grow it better and breed it to be more potent. I was paranoid when I first started toking too. It's just a matter of handling it mentally and just chilling. I don't worry about bullshit like "oh I feel like I'm gonna die" anymore and I actually laugh when I start to get a little paranoid when I get high now cause I realize there's nothing to worry about at all.
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  3. I remember it being fun, yet I was really paranoid. It was during a kickback at a friends apartment, and people were coming and going a lot. Anyway I thought every single person coming to the door was the police and I would run and hide lmaoo.
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    For the first like 5 years!!!!! I did it off an on...NEVER built a tolerance to it so i always got paranoid

    It wasnt until VERY RECENTLY.....when i met my wife who uses it for her cronic lyme symptoms.....i started smoking with her...she only smokes at night.

    I bulit up a tilerance to it and now smome throughout the entire day....IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

    It now CALMES my paranoia....and anxiety....and my PTSD symptoms from the Marine Corps...and many others.

    I NEVER understood how "great" MJ was UNTIL i bulit a tolerance and it wasnt ALL about the HIGH...as the high wasnt as "potent" as smoking 3 times a year....


    Good intro though.....i like it.

    And welcome aboard!
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  5. My first time I laughed and laughed and laughed. It was by far more amazing then I was told it would be. Spent the entire eighth grade summer vacation with a Disney land summer pass and some decent ganja. Good times
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  6. Besides some times where i found myself i a cold shower swearing to never smoke again my experiences have been good 99% of the time. Id say the worst parts were the utterly retarded and dangerous situations ive been in just to score some herb....
  7. I have never had a really terrible experience. When I first started smoking the first couple years I had a very low tolerance but kept up to my friends. So I was always to the point where I couldn't function but I loved the feeling. I was always paranoid with the possession and smoking factor, but never paranoid about being stoned. I am in Canada and the laws are now waaay more lenient, but it is still illegal (hopefully country wide legalization next year!). Ever since I have gotten my card for medical marijuana I haven't had a bad experience with weed other than shitty weed lol. I used to smoke to get fucked up or to escape but many years later I am now prescription drug free thanks to Mary.
  8. The first time I smoked weed (I was 16 btw), I didn't really feel anything except a bit jittery and energetic. After I smoked I did my physics homework and that's it. Apparently a lot people don't get high the first time they smoke weed because the body reacts and combats the cannabinoids that enter your body.

    However........the second time I smoked weed (a couple of days after the first time) was with a friend, but as soon as we finished the joint, we both returned to our houses. So here I was home alone, high as fuck and I started freaking out thinking that there were spirits lurking around in my house, that I was going to have a heart attack and I kept on contemplating "why am I not laughing my head off?", which just made me more paranoid haha. I think it's safe to say it was my first and only panic attack. I also remember looking in the mirror and being completely bewildered by myself.

    It was a horrible experience no doubt, but I haven't had a bad trip on weed ever since that incident.
  9. Took me and friends about 4 times before anything happened. Then we laughed for about a year. Then paranoia. Now it's fun again.
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    I was 22 when smoking, basically it's hash. I didn't know what the fuck it was, like a gum and something oily around. I felt like tired and sleepy only. 1st time smoking weed like 2 or 3 yrs ago when in holiday. A friend of mine gave me that, it smells good and it looked like herbs, so I guessed it should be something good, i didn't reject. I like it afterwards, coz it helped my period pain and it was gone, and so relaxed. I didn't have paranoid or something in negative. So I started smoking weed almost everyday after that, then kept it like once or twice a week. I googled it and saw there have many positives about weed, depends on the strain. I don't oppose if someone smoking weed in general.
  11. Generally I get high every time I smoke weed. Sometimes though, I get really faded it even super stoned, depending on the sativa or indica nature of the strain. IME, getting weed is going to the flower shop to pick up the weekly essentials and has been constant for years now.

    First time smoking weed is mostly a haze, but I liked the instant feeling of being discombobulated and warm and fuzzy inside the chest cavity. Was a dope experience to share with the girl who got me high for my first time.
  12. My first was a blast we went skateboarding and ended up riding inside the mall
  13. Almost died I wouldn't recommend it

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  14. took a few blunt hits with my bud and played games the rest of the night, it was a good night, i was laughing my ass off
  15. The first time i ever smoked i got stoned to the bone i also got my first ever bj that day. that was a pretty good day for 14 y/o me.
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  16. Eh my first time was just in the neighborhood with a Skimpy Reggie blunt soaked in spit... lol wasn't a great experience I much prefer my adult smoking self.

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