What are your hobbies

Discussion in 'General' started by tokinbud420, May 23, 2010.

  1. After a little thinking I've realized my life is boring as hell. So I want to try and get involved in new things, post your hobbies and help me out blades

  2. My top priority for the day is beating hookers. But for real, smoking and speeding atterols. But for you, you should try drawing or biking. It works for me :)
  3. Paintball
  4. Murdering random people I encounter. :)
  5. Learning an instrument is fun. Eventually you can join a band as well; playing live and getting free drinks is fun.
  6. Ridin My Sk8t through town. ollieing over every thing i can and just cruisin fast as hell. ive been ridin for like 15 years and i cant get enough of it. Ive skated on 3 continents and in 14 diff countries. down for life or until my old ass breaks a hip. LOL im only 28 but i still dig it.
  7. Computers and researching various subjects. Mostly ones that are considered "forbidden". I'm also interested in matial arts and parkour. I just wished I lived near the woods
  8. hiking (smoking at the top :)), mountain biking, basketball, flashball, hang gliding, camping with friends/road trips, off-road driving (usually included in one of the previous ones), just chilling with friends and doing whatever...

    i also want to start trying long boarding and/or rip-sticking:smoking:

  9. I love computers, hell I'm on my laptop every day. And also I tried parkour for a little, any tips on how to get in shape for it, would love to get into it.
  10. Lots of cardio. Run everyday. That's what parkour mostly is. Be sure to stretch every part of your body. Google American parkour. They have good tips on what you should do
  11. be as varied and diverse as you can man. im like starburst, lol. i read omnivourously, fiction, nonfiction, magazines, blogs, etc, i surf here and facebook, i love all music, love independant and old movies, i write when im feeling it, but im also athletic, i jog 3 miles a day, do cardio, and lift. just do a bit of everything man. trust me, you'll end up not having enough time in the day to do all the shit you wanna do. of course, keep a good buzz going all the time, don't get truly fucked up until the night comes. remember, when used right drugs enhance your life. just dont let them become your life.

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