what are your highs like?

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  1. So I don't smoke all the time just like once or twice a month but ive been smoking fir like three years now but anyway I was just wondering what your highs are like because I think I kinda blackout when I'm high because I have like a three second memory and when I move I don't remember moving like I'm sleep walking then I wake up idk this probably doesn't make sence but whatever lol
  2. i dont know
  3. sometimes they are really stoney, sometimes trippy, depends what I'm having.
  4. Every one is different
  5. Depends on the type of bud. For me, it typicaly ranges from being completely zoned out quietly (thinking philosophicaly) to tripping a decent amount.

  6. This has absolutely nothing to do with the thread.

    The high i get when i smoke weed really depends on a lot of things. The people im with, where i am, what im doing, the weed itself. I usually get really giggly when im with my friends, but if im with people i dont know too well i turn kinda awkward and quiet. But like i said, it depends on a lot of things, and pretty much everytime i blaze its different.
  7. I don't know let me find out:smoke:
  8. [quote name='"Krish01"']HI,,,
    My high school was full of whores. Girls half dressed and boys obsessing over them. If you weren't popular you were nothing. Music played during class teachers always late. Yup high school was one big joke.[/quote]

    Put down the crack pipe for a little bit buddy.
  9. makes me feel like when i was a child- NOTHING can upset me.
    also theres a constant pillow at the back of my head,
    and my thoughts are cushioned by a sort of everlasting logic, it also helps me be super duper creative. thats the best i have for describing my high.
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  11. Tell a story of what your high has been like and maybe what made it better/worse
  12. when cut and paste goes wrong
  13. My vision is kind of blurry, everything looks like a flip book, and I can only focus on one thing at a time. I usually just sit and think.
  14. The high for me on some good sativa vision is very boxy and i have great thoughts. Really depends on strain for me though.
  15. My brain becomes a highway and my thoughts becomes all the cars. I will see things in a new light that I have never seen them in before. Like a second side of yourself, like an extra sense. I am fully aware of what I look like even when I'm disoriented, like if I'm acting like an idiot I'll usually know immediately but I usually just stare at stuff and don't say much. Because of that people think I'm actually lacking the skill of "thinking" but quite the opposite, my mind is racing. Extreme awareness kicks in and every little sound/movement becomes amplified. Like the blind girl(?) from avatar. I feel warm a cozy, in complete pleasure - this is the euphoria. Once I lay on my bed or cough I feel like I am really melting into it. My muscles become relaxed and that is pretty much my high. Then once the high fades I become hungry and munch out. Hope all that made sense I'm a little baked
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    It's like everything is like i'm dreaming and you think about shit way more in depth then normal and I don't know there's no words in the English language to describe the other cool shit I feel
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    I dont get "high" anymore I just lose all the stress i have built up and finally can just relax and let my mind chill out

    After a good hit i can literally feel the weight lifted off me from all the shit ive been worried about that dont matter

    It helps me deal with my problems
  18. ^^^^^ This is exactly what happens to me, nothing like taking that first hit after a long day.

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