What are your guys thoughts?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by jvjr408, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. About dec 21. 2012 do you think the world will end or what is gonna happen that day
  2. I highly doubt it.

    But I sure hope it does

  3. Why you want the world to end?
  4. Look around you

  5. I know the world is pretty effed up but I don't wanna die yet lol
  6. Weak.

  7. ?????
  8. Just commenting on how weak it makes a person seem that they would want the world to end simply because the world isn't perfect.
  9. It's more than just "not perfect"...

    But I was being mostly sarcastic when I said that. But if the world does end, I'll welcome it. It would solve alot of problems.
  10. Ok what are your guys thoughts about that date tho ?
  11. Well, I can tell you that on December 22nd I'm going to wake up and smoke a fat bowl and drink a cup of coffee.
  12. People will purchase survival kits and stock up on crucial items, just like they did for Y2K. And just like Y2K, the day will come and pass just like any other day. Then people will look for some other reason to believe the world will end on another day.

    But are problems really solved if the world ends? No, not really.

  13. The world wasn't gonna end on y2k everything that was electronic was gonna fail but didn't what if the world will end on dec 21 2012 how can we live on is it possible?
  14. I don't think it's gonna end but if does I wanna be papared
  15. There was a common belief my many that some horrible events were going to occur, possibly as a result of Y2K, or that the world would end. I still remember reading article after article of people purchasing survival kits in fear of something horrible happening.

    It won't.

  16. And if does? Ima post here before I die and say see wasn't papared lol see you somewhere
  17. a) ain't shit gonna happen.

    b) I think this 2012 bullshit is brought up here like every other week on average. the consenus seems to be, well,

    c) ain't shit gonna happen.
  18. There is no reason to assume there is any more of an elevated risk for the world ending than any other day. So worrying if you're worried about the world ending in 2012, why not worry that it ends before that, or some time after that?
  19. Be more worried about April 13, 2036

  20. Lol but for real have you guys watched any doucs about this day or no anything about it hella facts

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