What are your guys opionens on Pit Bulls

Discussion in 'General' started by MustangFan83, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. I have an 11 month old purebreed American Pit Bull Terrior and was woderin your guys opionins on this extremely loyal breed?

    My dog is the happiest, most playful dog that I have ever came across!!!!

    I still get dirty looks when I walk them down the street though he is a little dog aggresive but what do u expect with having fighting blood in him? Even though he would never hurt a person unless they gave off the wrong vibe towards me or my g/f he is very protective!!!

    What do u guys think?
  2. i have had a few pits in my time

    a close friend of mine has several right now

    they are by far among the greatest pets as long as they are raised like a dog should be ...with firm disiplin and lots of love and playtime

    they are very loyal

    and regardless of reputation

    they do not turn on there owners or there children unless they have been abusede or alowwed to fight
    they can be by far the most gentl pet just takes a little longer for them to learn shit than some other breads...
    they tend to be hard headed

    just dont let him play to ruff...and dont let him try and be the boss...no growling by the food bowl...

    if he growls at you when he is neer his food ...this is bad

    if he does it to other animals...this is natural

    just treat him like a pet insted of a killer and you will get yrs of loyal fun and love from your pit...

    oh and by the way ...

    there is no such thing as an american pit bull

    there are pit bull teriers

    stafershire teriers

    these two are very simalar

    and there is the american bull dog....no pit
    this dog looks exacticaly like a pit bull...with one major exception

    they tend to be as big and wide as a rottwiler
  3. i have one half pit mix with sheper.. andi will be getting a full blooded one later on....

    Now A American Bull Dog is what im looking for.. but fuckers are rare in South Central LA... i Seen one, but full grown, and is a male, no female. so that sucks... But im still on a search for one..latezzz..
  4. yeah man american bulls are fucking beautyful

    the only guy i know whit a pair stoped breading them before i met him becouse they where two old.....

    keep an eye out tho you will find one arround
  5. i also have an excellent one, loyal to the family, very loyal to the children.
    he's very smart and well behaved a nice plus....
    i also get dirty looks doing the camping thing, very dirty looks.....
    my thoughs on this is making some sort of opposite documentarty of how while im walking my 80lb solid pitt, he is chased barked at and agressively attacked by....wienerdogs (doxins i believe), toy poodles, and just about any other smallish agressive pooch....my big boy tucks his tail and moves as far away from those buggers as possible. (btw my dog has to be leashed while these ankle biters are chasing us)

    sooo for a dog thats suppoto be extra agressive to other dogs, its simply not the case, period. i have had many thoughts on this....well mostly cause it pisses me off greatly.
    and someday i shall vidoe my dog getting attacked by a tiny rat looking doggie.....an all the whining on the tape will be lucky....

    i was attacked and almost killed by a labrador once,hhhm nota mean bread, but wtf he was trained to be very agressive.
    it aint the dogs, its the asses that train them.*edit or DONT train them

  6. a-fucking-men
  7. My sisters boy friend has a pit bull. It's killed a couple other dogs in its day, and a couple squirrels... It also bit off the ear of my sisters dog...
  8. Most of the Pits I've seen are pretty good dogs. Just too dang hyper! It's like they stay puppies for like 5 or 6 years! Too much energy for me! I had one in H.S. never caused me any problems...... never attacked anyone or anything like that. We were riding horses at a friends house one day, and he got kicked in the head and died.

    Now I'm a Rottie guy. I have two of them. One is a 12 yr. old female. ( Got her from 'Rottie Rescue' ) And the other is a 11/2 yrs. old. My pup ( if you can call a 90 pound dog a pup ) is the grandson of my last male. And like it has been said before, a dog behaves how he was trained. My pup is constantly getting chased by our cats. And at night they sleep together. His grand pappy, was the most gentle dog I have ever seen. I was raised by an aunt after my parents died. And when she had cancer, a few years back, the nurses and such would let me bring him in to see her. One thing led to another, and I was taking him to hospitals, nursing homes, childrens hospitals. It was amazing seeing that big ol dog, being SO GENTLE with sick people. You could tell he was so happy when some of those people were giving him hugs and such. When he died, my G/F's ( now Fiance ) parents bought him a grave at a pet cemetary. I called the hospitals and told them I wouldn't be bringing Bruno by anymore because he had died. Would you believe about 30 people showed up for this dogs burial! There was a couple DR's and quite a few nurses. (plus some of my friends ) Hell, I won't have that many people at MY funeral.

    Wow! sorry for going on like that...... I know you were asking about Pits. But Rotties and Pit's are usually put into the same 'dangerous dogs' category. I don't see nothing wrong with Pits. Personality wise, they can be some of the friendliest dogs. Like the Dirty one said.

    Unfortunately, most people think 'firm disipline' is beating your dog when ever they mess up. The only thing that does is teach them to become violent when they don't like something.

    Sorry for going on like that, and thanks if you read it all.

  9. of corse i i read the whole thing...and i think your story reflects the shit we are talking about here
  10. yeah i know how you's feel, we've allways kept dobermans, and a lot of people here don't like them in the same way as pit's and rottweilers........a dog will allways be a dog, it's an aminal, and like any animal, you need to let it know who's boss......give it lots of love, but don't let it walk overt the top of you, i don't know for sure but i'm guessing that with pit's and rott's if you give them an inch they'll take it a mile?.........we have to let them know from when they're pups.......i take the bone off the dog, and if it growls i'll give him a ticking off, until it gets to a stage i can take the bone, and it won't get nasty........this tells it that you can provide for it.......but that you can just as easily take it away.

    we don't have any now, but when i get a bigger house i'm gonna get 1 or 2.........i love them, and miss my 2 very much........it's sad they have such a short life span.

    and mine were great with kids......they'd pull their ears, and try and sit on them.....and pull what tail they have.....lol......

    Peace out.........Sid

  11. yeah man you hit it on the head

    alot of people think dogs should just behave and domt relize it takes alot of work ...similar to raising children.....lol

    if you dont teach it it dont know
  12. lts got more to do with owners than the dog in most cases .
    Fuck wit idiots that think its tough to have a vicious dog.

    lol. The sign on my door says "don,t worry about the dogs, beware of the fucking owner" :D.

    p.s. l have seen a 7 yr old family pet pit bull turn on its owner for no reason .l would never have one around children ,sorry guys.
  13. some news I came across..

    Animal advocates fear pit bull 'slaughter'
    Last Updated Sat, 27 Aug 2005 15:09:21 EDT
    CBC News

    Animal advocates fear hundreds of adult and puppy pit bulls may be euthanized after Ontario's ban on the controversial breed takes effect on Monday.

    The ban will make it illegal to breed pit bulls in Ontario or bring the dogs into the province. Dogs already in Ontario will be allowed to stay as long as they are sterilized, leashed and muzzled in public.
    The legislation requires those who already own the dogs to neuter and muzzle their animals.

    Registered purebreds will be exempt from sterilization as long as they continue to participate in authorized dog shows.

    But puppies born after Nov. 27 must be shipped out of the province, given to a research facility or destroyed.

    More pit bulls will be euthanized by animal agencies in the coming months "because you've still got the jerks out there that are breeding these pit bulls," said John Roushorne, general manager of the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society. "So it's basically going to be a slaughter."

    * CBC INDEPTH: Banning the breed: The debate over pit bulls

    Advocates for the Underdog, a pit bull rescue agency, says at least 350 pit bull or pit bull mixes have been euthanized in Windsor, Ont., since the dogs were banned there in October. They warn that's now the fate for many dogs across Ontario.

    Meanwhile, Ontario breeders are fighting back. They will launch a legal challenge Monday which claims the ban violates breeders' constitutional rights.

    Supporters, including the American Staffordshire Club of Canada, say that Ontario's law is so vague and unscientific that it will affect many animals that shouldn't be banned.

    The law forbids Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, American pit bull terriers and any other dog with "an appearance and physical characteristics substantially similar to any of those dogs."

    Last year, Ontario's attorney general Michael Bryant introduced the ban after a spate of vicious attacks on children, adults and pets by pit bulls.

    In a widely-reported case, Toronto police fired more than a dozen bullets into two pit bulls that had turned on the man who was walking them as a favour for a friend. In another in London, Ont., a woman and her seven-year-old son watched in horror as a pit bull latched onto her husband's arm as he tried to keep the family puppy out of the dog's reach.
  14. ^^^That's fucked up...

    My sister owns a rednose pit, AND she has a 2 1/2 y/o daughter. The pit likes to act tough, but she's far from it. She doesn't show any agression what-so-ever towards my niece, even though my niece will try riding her around, take food right from her mouth, pull her ears/tail, and all the other stuff children do to dogs. The pit is very protective of my sister and her kid (And even me too... I don't live there, but spend enough time there, ya know?)...

    Anywayz... I'm all for pit's so long as you know what you're getting yourself into. They need a bit more attention than a lot of other dogs, but that shouldn't scare you. My best friend also has a 95lb brindle... She's the gentlist, most loving dog I've ever met.

    BTW, BOTH dogs are stoners. They love getting wasted :D If you leave your weed where they can get it... It'll be gone before ya know it ;) LOL.
  15. ^^
    that is fucked up... the pit i was talking about in my first post in this thread has since been killed by the state of north carolina. last summer it was being walked by a friend who didn't know how to handle it and got loose and bit another dog. the owner of the other dog claimed that it had bit him (which it didn't) and my friends dog ended up being siezed by animal control and put down. i hate that the state has the power to be able to do something like that...
  16. my homie had a pitbull that he treated like a normal dog, and after 6 years of living with the family it attacked one of the kids that lived there.. you gotta watch out.. on the other hand one of my friends has one that i've known since he was a puppy and he's the most jolly happy fucker you ever seen.. i love gettin him high he's funny.. you can throw like anything at him and he wont even blink
  17. [​IMG]
    that my dog thats roughly %50 pitbull, eats more than anything i have ever seen
  18. My girlfriend's pit took a piece out of my ass. He can be really mean but I think it's just because he has been chained up for his entire life. City won't allow him to be off of a chain. So he ate part of me but I got better and forgave him and sometimes we get along now. He is a fuckin beautiful dog though. And is really playful/gentle with people he likes. My girlfriend and I got a rat terrier puppy recently and that dog loves to try to play with anything that moves so we were worried when she tried to play with the pit but the pit just pushed her away and went into his doghouse.

  19. My friend who's got the 95lb brindle pit also has a rat terrier... I hate that fuckin dog with a passion, LMAO! Not seriously, but for real, that dog's a pain in the ass. I taught the pit how to "get stinker" (the rat terrier's name), so every now and then I have a lil fun :devious:

    The pit won't hurt him or anything... She just sits on Stinker a lil to pin him.... So before the flaming starts, I just want to point out that it's all clean fun. The pit's not aggressive at all, and actually likes Stinker most of the time.
  20. im not really a dog person...more of a cat but i dont hate dogs......but my grandmother has a part pit part lab dog that jus protects her and only her and wont even let me or even my dad near her... hes a little bastard... he sees me every single day but still growls and everything and even nips at me...i wish somedays i culd put anti-freeze in his water bowl...

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