What are your feelings on fat people?

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  1. I was skinny all my life, then blimped up a couple years ago, due to various reasons, and I've steadily lost all that weight and I'm back to being skinny now. Thing is, I used to never care about fat people, but after being there and coming back I now can't stand to look at them. I'd say it kinda disgusts me now. What are your thoughts?
  2. Same way I feel about sluts and douchebags.
  3. They are people like everyone else. They can lose weight but some of them are (somehow) fucking happy being fat. I saw someone I knew say last week that they were 300 lbs and happy. That if they died right now, they'd be happy. I say uh...good for them I guess?

    I personally hate it. I don't belong in this body lol but finding motivation is soooo hard, cuz it's a lifestyle change. You can't just diet for 6 months and then say "oh well I reached my goal so I'm done."

    No, the hardest part is definitely starting and keeping up with it. It has to become a habit, like showering everyday.

    Do I find grossly overweight people gross? Yes. And I'm not skinny myself. I can't see how someone 300+ can be happy, I just can't. Actually I can't see how someone 200+ can be happy either. I don't see it.

    Then I see things like the women trying to be the fattest woman in the world, and she fucking has a husband and kids. What the fuck? :mad: how does that woman the size of a planet get love but I can't? :cry: :laughing: so it makes me hate them more. Stupid reason but yeah.

    So in conclusion, it's their lives and they do as they please, but my opinion is that yes being overweight is gross as fuck. It's not cute, it's not attractive, it's not healthy. And before one of you says "ohhhh but people have thyroid problems that makes it impossible for them to lose weight!"

    Newsflash! You sure as hell can lose weight when you have thyroid problems, you just have to work out and diet MUCH harder and longer. So no, not a valid excuse at all.
  4. You can't really blame them...most of America has such shitty thyroid glands and it just keeps getting passed down every generation like one long line of shitty DNA

    Sometimes I wish I could suction some fat onto my body though...been trying to gain 15-20 pounds for like 4 months now haha
  5. That they are doing something wrong.
  6. They are the same as you and me.People are people bro,we should all care for everyone.
  7. I'm not trying to offend anyone, or pointing out anyone in general... but I cannot stand people that ore obese/way over weight. I mean 10-15 lbs over weight what ever, but if your like 5'10 300 lbs you need to fucking change your life style. I don't get how those people can be happy with looking at themselves in the mirror daily. I was a fat kid all through middle school and junior high. Then i lost the weight, then after highscool i gained probably 15 lbs and had a beer gut. Around a year ago i looked at myself in the mirror one day and was like wtf you let yourself go...I changed my lifestyle and now healthy, ripped, and happy. I realize not everyone wants to get jacked or be huge, but those people need to fucking do something....seriously. 'endrant'

  8. You care for Hitler?
  9. I think of CB1 antagonists....

    Neuroskeptic: The Decline and Fall of the Cannabinoid Antagonists

  10. ive seen plenty of fat people get fit. its all up to them and the will to stay healthy
  11. Your mass eating has nothing to do with it am i right :p
  12. I mean, theyre people too, and i try not to judge...

    But i enjoy working out and keeping in shape and taking care of myself.
  13. they should try to control fat at starting stages or else they face lot problems when they fully become fat
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    Yeah I have love for everyone. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.He obviously had issues but you must try and help other humans out my friend.

    Love is energetic you can spread it around.

  15. Like it or not, this world is already "blind".

    Peace is just like glasses, it doesn't really fix the main problem at all.
  16. That's your opinion bro.

    Stay up.
  17. Couldn't disagree more with this. We are not all the same and it is not my job to care for anyone but me.

    The majority of people want to live life without putting any effort into it, or with putting very little effort into it. Fat people seem to me to be at the head of the list...just stuff their face and let life happen with no real thought or purpose. That's pretty negative and it's nothing I want to be around.
  18. Damn how can anyone dislike someone for their weight? Some people are just lazy and eat too much but some people have medical issues that really don't allow them to lose weight easily, no matter what they do. And you can't tell someone's situation by seeing they're fat.. Hating someone for being fat when they cant change it is the same as hating someone for being gay or black.. The fact that this thread even exists is disrespectful, IMO. won't be reading anyone replies either so don't bother, but if you're hating someone cuz theyre fat then you're a judgmental bigot.

    Now go eat turkey and get fat !
  19. Fat people should be given free liposuction and gym memberships... Refuse to do anything about the face though, some skinny people are ugly too, there's difference between fat and chubby, chubby is suitable and the person should be comfortable with it, fat is when you go up a flight of stairs and you have pit stains...

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