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What are YOUR Favourite papers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Potencies, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, I want to see how popular some different rolling papers are

    And what really are the best kind:smoking:

    So my question is what is your rolling paper of choice? Why?

    Is it something about these papers that are different from other brands?

    What is it?

    I'm curious to know guys, answer the poll and post below why that is your favourite and why, Let's keep this thread alive GC:D

    Happy smoking:hippie:
  2. a. this thread has been made thousands of times.
    b. there is no poll.
    c. zig zags.
  3. Raw nice slow even burn and they are a natural paper. badass design on it also
  4. Poll was added, sorry about that when I originally entered it gave me some timeout error

    So I had to retype everything:confused_2:
  5. When it comes to joints...RAW papers, nice burn, thin, natural, and I feel like you can almost taste the unique taste of the strain better than other papers

    (but if you want the full taste-vape it)
  6. I love RAW's. All natural, nice to roll, burn great.
  7. RAW, no question. Any time I can use hemp over paper products, its a good day...and they make for a good ass J.
  8. smokin' dat glass
  9. i have zig zags just in case though
  10. RAW. Natural and thin. I've turned out to roll not half bad j's from RAW's :smoke: I just smoked one :D

  11. That's how I am, I've got a pack of papers in case something goes wrong or there are lots of people. :smoke:
  12. Job French Lights
    Job 1.5
    Job Slow Burning
    Juicy J Strawberry
  13. Ive gotten two packs of papers from smileys once and they were 'bob marleys' made of pure hemp. They were easy to rol, burned slow and even, and didnt have a taste so al you tasted was the weed.
  14. I had 1 pack of the 1 1/4 zig zags but after that I only used the ultra things..

    I tried RAW's but the part you lick wouldn't stick and it just wasn't working.. Might give them another try later on.
  15. Favorite option: "LOL, papers? blunts bitch" That's pure comedy right there! haha
    As for me, I chose Zig-Zags. Nothing better than Kings.
  16. I love kings edition zig zags. They roll a beautiful cone joint.

  17. Raw papers or go home!

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