What are your essentials of life? These are mine..

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  1. Title says it all but what are the essentials you need for life everyday? The stuff that is never more than arms reach most of the time...here are some of the most important bits of mine...

  2. Bitches dope and dollars
  3. Water, Food, Shelter.
  4. Pussy money weed.
  5. My wife, garden and Cartoon Network...

    Everything else comes with the first 2.
  6. Well if you get that, I get my digital comic book collection (every issue of marvel/dc/image/topcow plus years of manga)...and my cartoon ...ahem...animation server..
  7. Water food bed and a loaded bong. Also my pocket knife (I'm a knife guy).
  8. I always try to make neat picture-perfect set ups like that.
    But as soon as I start smoking it looks like a bomb went off and everything is out of place or on the ground.
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    "Picture-perfect setups"? Oh no mate, *thats* just breakfast...^__^
  10. Pussy, weed, food, drink, TV and a bed.
  11. Money , women and weed....everything else is irrelevant
  12. Guns, booze and bitches

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    Don't lie, you totally carefully positioned those objects specifically to take a picture!!  :laughing:  :laughing: 
    Also, my essentials are: day 1 negros, a pack of zig zag orange, and a trunk load of weed.
  14. In truth, I made this little thing for some MMJ patients who are having a hard time right now, so this was to sorta cheer them up...
    That's all good, my man. You just do you; I'm playing around.
  16. Oh me too, I love playing around, another noobish thing I still do after all these years..
    Haha, I saw you on that thread just a minute ago~
  18. Fine then is this any better?
    The Terminator from my generation ^__^

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