What are your dreams?

Discussion in 'General' started by firecat318, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Honestly everybody here has to have a dream of some sorts - mine is to get rich and die happy.... although that is a cliche dream everybody has to have a dream fo some sorts???
  2. My ultimate dream is to be able to go and do whatever I want without the worry of financials. (I don't mean stupid/illegal stuff). Like to sit and say, I want to fly to Europe and stay for two weeks without a second thought as to the costs. It if I just wanted to pickup an ounce just because I want. And to be able to provide entirely for my partner and son.
  3. Last night I had a dream that Dana White was tying to pose as a high school student and bullied a bunch of kids while Charlie from It's Always Sunny raided the cafeteria trash bins while eating old sandwiches. True story.
  4. i want to be jay-z
  5. I want to be a well known singer and musician who spreads peace and happiness around the world. I want people to one day listen to my music and just smile even if they had the worst day of their life.
  6. My dream is to make breakfast and coffee at a busy diner out in the northwest while still being financially stable enough to take vacations and buy whatever I want (not in a greedy way, just like OathKeeper said). I would have an absolutely perfect partner and live on the very edge of a bustling city with nature surrounding it.

    That one is a bit more of a stretch than most dreams, but it's definitely a dream.
  7. I want the opportunity to do everything yet be required to do nothing.
  8. I want to do as much drugs as possible.
  9. Smoke some good and become a scientist and die a philosopher! FUCK YEA!
  10. Nice 25-50 acre plot of land with a huge garden. Reminiscent of the Shire from LOTR, kinda...
  11. Spend the rest of my life just the way i am right now with my wife of 18 years this coming Thursday To love and always be loved and to pass away healthy of old age holding that beautiful womens hand surrounded by my children and dearest friends.
  12. Play drums till the day I die.
  13. part time astronomer, post HC emo front man/composer, part time fashion designer, avid nudist, ultra long distance cyclist, chiseled greek god

    but i'd settle for anything short of being a complete fucking faliure
  14. I want to fap to porn on a 3D TV before I die
  15. i want to masturbate in space
  16. in space, no one can hear you cream
  17. Id like to work as a medical esthetician start a family. Make a good living, I once heard someone say, "I don't need to be rich I just don't want to owe anyone anything." that's how I feel.

    When I retire I'd like to move on to some beautiful land in a legal mj state, whichever that may be at the time.

    Grow my own veggies raise lots of animals and teach my children the values of life. Paint in my spare time and soak in life and love from family friends and nature.

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