What are your deepest and darkest fetishes?

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  1. :smoke: Just thinking.. Been around enough people to know how crazy and weird some people fetishes are...
    My fetish... biting grrr... :D
    Tell me what yours is?:smoke:

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    sex in public/people watching us fuck.

    handing Nancy Friday books to women and asking them "pick one".
  3. i love that... had that fetish too ... It just involved me loving to be naked in public..
  4. rimmerrrrr. chicks dig it
  5. yeah... my fetish is a bit different than yours kitty...

    you'll understand if you've seen the movie Wild Orchid.

    i love staring into some other womans eyes while pounding away to glory. i like head games as long as it involves just us both. i like to be spontaneous and extremely adventurous.

    bust stops, train stations, non-nude beaches. etc. fingering under the table with all her family members sitting clueless around us(not done this yet)..

    hand job under the table in a restaurant.
  6. definately biting, when a girl bites my lip and wants it back it just brings me to that next level ya know?..

    also if she wants my fingers in her mouth for her to bite and biting my arm then by all means go for it hunny do what you want to me because i'm open to anything you want

    for me, how into it the girl is really depicts how into it I am. if the girl wants it bad my cocks gonna be rock hard for her but if shes playing it cool and making me do all the work then sorry but your gonna have to make this cock hard one way or another lol
  7. To be tied down to a chair and fucked hard.

    I want her to use her nails and teeth all she wants, if she bites me and I don't bleed, she's not trying hard enough..
  8. wow those are amazing..
    weird one but not weird at all..
    I've had alot of compliaments on my feet from men..
    apparently when i entertained they wanted to do dirty things to my FEET..
    never understood it.. but thinking about it happened alot..
    do all men have foot fetishes... shoe fetishes...
  9. i wanna f**k a pin up girl !! grrrrr!

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  10. I agree with the biting and the voyeurism. I like to get fucked hard, hair pulled, spanked... but not to the point of whips and leather and shit with spikes... I wanna be man-handled, y'know??
  11. hmm..
    I love seeing two women together.. who doesn't?
    Love threesomes, been lucky enough to have had more than a handfull of them in my life.
    Love a woman in lingerie... corsets, thigh highs, garters, costumes.
    As far as kinkier fetishes-
    I like sex outside/public, the risk of being caught. Roleplaying. Giving a girl a spanking, bondage, BDSM, taking pictures/videos. The list goes on lol
  12. Any chance you watch some AHS? young Moira is sexy as fucc in that maid outfit

    As per the poll. Toys are great, handcuffs, blindfolds (maybe some surprise ice) and of course vibrators just make everything so easy. Shes too busy babbling incoherently bout how incredible she feels to say no to whatever you want

  13. One of the reasons I love AHS... lol Me and my girlfriend both love looking at her in that outfit on the show.

  14. oh i know!!!!!!!!!;)

    i get off when i see a woman really enjoy sex , is proactive and grabs my cock around while changing positions, she can barely breathe and is making "mating sounds from the Serengeti", i like nails being dug in my butt cheeks, spanking is a given.

    one thing i like to do is to rip apart the panties and shove her toward a wall then slightly tighten her panties around her neck and fuck her from behind while she listens to me breathing down her neck. i like extreme intimacy. don't know if this is a fetish but it sure as fuck is good sex!

    honestly kitty i LOVE a woman with great hands( read fingers) and feet, but i don't find anything kinky about foot/hand-job... everyone's got their own thing, i recently read about this guy who liked to fuck women's armpits.:eek:. now that's weird to me!

    aaaaaaand i don't like chicks who talk too much in bed, just keep quiet and let me help you make sounds i find enticing.;) love it when she moans and groans and has pretty much lost all senses during the act.
  15. suits make me weak at the knees, leave it on for along as possible!

    i could actually go on allday, but since i've only been here two minutes i better leave it a while! haha

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