What are your bed stats?

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  1. Once this week of exams is over, I'm going to try and find a way to hang my Backpacking Hammock up in some area of the house I'm all right sleeping in.

    I'm not quite sure how stable it would be if I ran hooks into the wall studs and hung it up from there... wait, we have a Home Improvement Thread!

  2. I have an old queen size bed with indentations where our bodies are and a hump in between us, but no springs sticking up yet, thank God. This bed has to go and we will be getting a California king.

    We have 6 pillows, but they are getting flat. And we have been using one wedding ring quilt, but I just got a good used floral quilt that is brighter and happier looking, but I need to go to the laundry may to wash it in the over-sized washer.

    I priced 600 ct. sheets and comforters and for the beds in my house I'd be looking at about $1000 from Overstock.com - just can't do it right now - will have to do it one sheet at a time!

    Beds are expensive + pillows, comforters, sheets, duvet covers, memory foam topper, etc. Whew!
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    Full sized bed. Five pillows. I sleep next to the wall. The Girl sleeps on the outside. She has to pee a lot. I like sleeping with the window open and the wind blowing on me. Works out pretty well. Flannel sheets in the winter. Cotton for summer.
  4. Queen size,4 pillows,one sheet,one comforter.Pretty basic actually but my pillows are bomb.:hello:
  5. i have a queen bed that is a peice of shit and is pushing me in to early back pain.

    my pillow however is fuckin awesome.

    oh yeah...and i got playboy sheets:hello:
  6. I'm what some might call a minimalist.

  7. My home is fairly modest but has several bedrooms, most are used for my hobby though (herb), so besides one spare guest room I have a very large master bedroom that could easily have been a third family room or a den, it has a propane heater and consists of over half the second floor of the house.

    The room is 'open plan' style, it has a hallway to a private bathroom, walk in closets, and an additional sitting area with several aquariums, a large "L" shaped 8 person leather couch and an (outdated) entertainment system and small dry bar. There is also a large wrap around deck over looking the yard with access from the bedroom, as well as from a separate living room.
    I've built a few simple water features into the aquariums, it's very relaxing to fall asleep to the sound of trickling water, and when it's irritating I silence them. I usually run the A/C on one level or another all year long even if it's snowing, for circulation. I'd rather have the room cold and be kept warm under a lot of blankets, than have a warm room and use only one or two blankets.

    Bed stats: King size bed, a bit older with that form-fitting "NASA" foam, one set black 600 thread count sheets, one set crimson red (same). I mix and match the sheets (black pillows, red sheets, black & red pillows, black top sheet, red bottom sheet etc) and always have a clean opposite-set ready for laundry day.

    4 large pillows, and 2 small pillows.. to be honest most of them usually end up on the floor, or the foot of the bed, or between the knees (good for aligning the back).

    Three blankets besides the sheet for the top, with an extra 'winter' comforter folded at the foot of the bed until winter.
  8. I have a regular spring mattress with 2 memory foam pads on top. It just sits on the box-spring on the floor. I used to have a bed frame, but everytime I would walk by my bed I would scrape my leg on the corner of the frame, and frankly, that pissed me the fuck off so I kicked it to the curb.
    For bedding I have a conforter, 4 regular sized pillows, and a body pillow. My bed is dope.

    Edit: It's a twin-size mattress :( My feet hang off the edge a little bit cause I'm fairly tall, but it's whatever.
  9. full size bed with sweet pillowtop mattress cover, soft sheets, 6 or so pillows, and a the comfiest down comfortor EVER.

  10. ahhaa the thought of my trying to sleep on this bed makes me laugh.

    it would work.. for about 10 seconds, then i switch to the other side lmfao. it should deffinatly be mirrored :smoke:
  11. California full spring mattress, foam padding and layer of cotton padding on top of that, two memory foam pillows, a body pillow (though I toss that off when I go to sleep) and this bad boy (who I also don't keep in bed when I'm sleeping):


    (Didn't know what it was called so I had to post a pic)

    Such a comfy set-up, I love it.
  12. Fukkin stoners. lol
  13. I think it's a full sized, 4 pillows and one alternative down comforter, and it never gets cold enough here for more than that

    I only use 2 pillows though, the other 2 are for equal balance, looks and for my bf when he stays with me :)
  14. One queen size bed, one pillow, one comfortor. That's all I need year round
  15. king sized bed, 4 comforters, 3 shag throws, 9 pillows, 1 body pillow, wallsized headboard with shelving and a mirror, stairs (the top of the mattress comes up a little past my weist...so i need stairs)
  16. I have a full sized bed with a headboard, and I think the mattresses are just regular box springs. Definitely nothing fancy or exceptionally comfortable.
    I usually sleep with 3 pillows under my head, and I prefer to have a pillow in between my legs because it's just more comfortable that way.
  17. I already posted my bed stats, but here's a picture in case anyone was dying to know what it looks like [/sarcasm]


    That's my Teddy bear that I've had since the day I was born. His name is Teddy because I was really original when I was a kid.
  18. so do you guys use a sheet between yourself and your blanket? i myself prefer no sheet, i mean except for the fitted one on the mattress of course.. i have a queen as well. but only two pillows. and two blankets, fleece ones that i purchased at target. i used to have a comforter from like macys or somewhere but one night i used it to cover my civic in a hailstorm and then i just threw it away bc it was all wet and gross.

    so for a long time i DID use a sheet. just a sheet. bc i never really got another comforter. then winter came and i had to get some kind of blanket, actually i think it was two years before i got this red fleece one for like 20 bucks and then eventually got a black one for 25. i just hate spending money on shit when i could be buying weed. just joking.

    so now i use my red blanket as a 'sheet' and the black blanket on top of that. i tried the red on top of black but even though the black was softer after only one wash compared to the red which has endured many washes, i still prefer the red against my flesh since thats what im used to. its a really warm setup though. last nite i laid down super stoned and tried to stay up watching the wonder years but was so comfortable i couldnt and slept from liiike 2 to noon, so it works. i actually fell asleep in my glasses which i never do. its a miracle they werent crushed, but im telling you, thats how comfortable i was guys. i just fucking woke up and went to relieve myslef and let my dog out and i could see, and then i realized i had slept in them and i guess i just didnt roll around at all.

    anyway. under the bed i keep all of my nine nails memorobilia. oh wait, i wanted to tell you about my mattress. its nothing special...some just a regular pillow top i guess, sealy i think. a queen which i need bc i do like to roll or sprawl myself occasionally.

    so under the bed i keep all my NIN memorobilia. i have these flat contaners, theyre liiike, 6 inches tall, maybe 18 inches wide and 3 feet long. so they just slide right under the bed. i keep everything there with the exceptions of t shirts and framed posters: cds, audio and vhs cassettes, vinyl(i lay/stack them flat, is that bad for them?), dvds, duplicate posters in cardboard mailing tubes(i always buy at least 2 if possible, frame one, keep the others rolled) annnd an assortment of other various items.. its only about 300 pieces total, nothing compared to many of the collections on the nin.com forums.

    the reason i havent displayed it all on a large shelf is im paranoid about fire. but its stupid because usually i worry about a fire when im GONE, not when im here. but the idea is that i could save my collection if there was a fire and i was here i guess, like i could get it all in two trips, just quickly grab and go... at least get half of my shit. plus it helps protect everything from dust. but im thinking about just putting it all on a shelf like mot people do.

    oops im running late for work again.

  19. Thread winnar :hello:
  20. OK, what's a comforter? Is that like a quilt?

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