What are your bed stats?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brahski, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. ooohhh yeaaaaa
    and yes it is what you're thinking it is.

  2. I have never been so cold that I needed 5 blankets.

    I usually get by with a sheet, and if things are bad, a light blanket.
  3. I have a race car bed.

  4. Queen size mattress on the floor with burgundy sheets, a huge blue blanket with a
    white tiger on it, 6 pillows and a 2-color comforter that's burgundy on one side and black
    on the other.

  5. no not at all, someone above has a vagina bed. im jealous.
  6. U peoplez joke, but it's not cool.
    I pray for a real bed.

    Live it! ;)
  7. I have a comforter under my sheets and then a soft/fuzzy/warm blanket on top of the sheets, then I have two comforters to keep me warm and a body pillow with four regular pillows to keep my heavy head up. And of course I have the little dog to keep me warm :)
  8. [​IMG]
    Is this in your house as well?
  9. Futon/Bunk Bed Combo. No idea what size.

    Nearly unused mattress on top, I end up sleeping on the futon every night.

    3 Blankets. One big comforter, one really nice microfiber job, and some woolen/knit thing.

    2 Pillows that have been pretty much destroyed from years of use.

    No permanent sheets to speak of :eek:
  10. California king size serta mattress.

    2 down pillows.

    2 temprapedic pillows.

    1 sheet.

    1 comforter / throw blanket depending on temp.

    Bday gift to my gal. Still paying the mother fucker off.
  11. Queen bed, 3 pillows, 2 blankets, 2 hot naked twins under the covers ;)
  12. Twin size bed, 6 pillows, and then my sheets and a quilt, if I get cold I get 2 quilts. I always sleep with a lot of pillows, when I lived at home a few years ago I slept with 8-9
  13. King Size Tempurpedic Classic - It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet and so worth the money (about $77 a month for 2 years). My wife and I each have one tempurpedic pillow, I sleep with two more regular pillows, she has one.

    My sleep cycle has never been better to be honest.

  14. [​IMG]

    Double Temperpedic bed with hella nice sheets and 3 pillows, all down, all perfect. Winter I have a blanket I throw on top
  15. like over 9000 thread count sheets. get on my level
  16. [​IMG]

    i hang upside-down from the ceiling :)
  17. I've got a queen size bed. With four pillows one being one of those temperpedic ones.

    I love having a nice big bed. But I have a pretty small room and it takes up a lot of space. So I hate it for that.

    Its a love hate relationship.
  18. full sized bed, one sheet, one comforter, one body pillow that runs against the length of the wall, and two normal pillows. it's comfy as shit.
  19. king :) 4 pillows and a thick duvet :D keeps me happy until the bitch steels all the covers and im left with one pillow and a corner lol

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