What are your bed stats?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brahski, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. right now im rockin a futon... its awesome
  2. Oh, I love my Mummy Bag. Snug as a bug all through the winter.

    Occasionally I'll get sick of the rest of my house and sleep on my Therm-A-Rest Pad in my office with the sleeping bag.
  3. Holy shit I need to clean my sheets. There's ash and shit on them.
  4. Queen size with a tempur pedic foam toper and a soft ass comforter underneath my sheets. 3 pillows and a poofy comforter. I love it
  5. One solid slab of concrete. A man's bed.

  6. This. Except it's not organic latex. It is about 18 inches thick though w/ a pillow top. And I only have 6 pillows, but 4 of them are king sized.

    Oh, and I don't think I qualify as a princess.

  7. That's called "Full" beds lol.
  8. Fuck beds I sleep on the floor with my dog :D
    I have a 1 1/2 bed I dunno how is it called though...
  9. twin, 1 blanket and one pillow
    half the time I don't use either
  10. Queen, two really comfy pillows, sheet and a bitching comforter:)
  11. This is making me sleepy indeed.
  12. Mine is only full sized... :(

    I didn't really get a choice, though.
    When I was moving into my new apartment years ago, my dad went out and bought me a mattress without consulting me at all.

    I wonder if maybe he thought that a full sized would be large enough to appease me but not large enough for me to sleep with someone else on. ;)
    He was wrong. I still sleep on that bed with my husband and it's rather crowded, but the bedroom isn't that big anyway so it works. :p
  13. Queen size
    2 blankets
    2 extra fluffy pillows
  14. 1 blanket (I have like 5 sitting on the floor by my bed, not cold enough for em yet) and 1 pillow.
  15. twin
    and the springs are poking through.
    1 set of sheets, 2 blankets, 4 pillows(2 for my head, 1 for my feet, and 1 for my back)
    I can't wait to get a new bed. gonna get a big ass queen, like 6 blankets and a shit ton of pillows. soon...soon...
  16. My bed is a racecar. It goes VVVRRrrrroooommmm jk

    Queen, typical set-up with sheets, blanket, 2 pillows (1 is memory foam), 2 bullshit useless pillows, and saving the quilt for winter.
  17. What is the reason for more than 1 pillow?
  18. Depends where I'm sleeping.

    MY bed is a full-sized pillowtop, one blanket, two pillows.

    The bed I sleep on now is a twin with a blanket, two pillows, and a quilted pad that doesn't do shit. I can feel the springs in this bed, and it sucks. I want my old bed. :(
  19. I have 4 throw pillows, 3 feather pillows, my bf has a gay regular
    pillow. Then we sleep on top of the comforter and sheets.
    A body pillow...there's a pillow top, but the bed is so old it's
    useless anymore. I'm hoping I get a memory foam pad for

    and two plush blankets, one for him, one for me. :D
    Oh I have a queen bed with a canopy with a valance.
    Two black lights, stars on my ceiling and a green laser light.

    So that's what we're dealin with here.

    I really want a tempurpedic bed, or just something really really
    soft and fluffy.
  20. Vera Wang Queen size Mattress, 600 thread count sheets, down comforter, 6 pillows, (but I only use one), and Mrs. Meaner, of course! :cool:
    Yeah, I'm spoiled!

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