what are your 6-6-06 plans...

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, May 16, 2006.

  1. ...if you have any.

    the remake of the omen is going to be released that day so i might go see that.

    has anyone noticed that a lot of horror movies have been coming out lately (at the rate of about 1-2 a month).

    used to you'd be lucky to get 1 good film a year
  2. meh, probably just kill a homeless guy at midnight and jack off with his blood. you know, the usual.
  3. as soon as i read this i thought of the line from Half Baked when kenny is in jail and hes looking at the calender of nasty nate and hes like "no,no, 666 its the mark of the beast!" hahaha.
  4. well that is my exam week for finals(dont think an exam is scheduled for that date though)

    so i will most likely be studying
  5. Same as i do every other day.
  6. buy and listen to Game's new album
  7. I can see it now: I walk into the office and notice the date says 6/6/06. Later I'll hear the people in the cubicle next to mine make some sarcastic remark about the date. I'll realize again that I don't like the people I work with, and I'll die a little inside.
  8. Im gonna rob a store for some weed money :(

  9. I think it would be an excellent idea if you made Office Space 2.
  10. haha yea i love that movie. They should come out with a sequal(sp?)
  11. Hahaha holy shit, i can't stop laughing!

    Rep + for sure buddy.

    You just explained the reason i'm blue collar.
  12. i was thinking,

    why do they portray damian (the antichrist) as evil and shit as a kid? the bible describes the antichrist as a man who will do great things and work maricles tricking people into thinking he's the messiah. if he was a kid who went around doing evil shit and fucking with people all the time how could he ever gain the trust of the world as an adult?
  13. its my moms b-day. so prolly spend it with her. of course smoke a bowl but thats almost daily. well except for now since im dry
  14. im buyin the new Kottonmouth Kings cd and listenin to it while bakin out my truck.
    everyone go buy the new KMK too. their the shit!
  15. UGH KMK......anyway slayers playing 6-6-06
  16. Im gonna get red contacts and go sit in a church.

  17. hahahahahaha made my day!!! so i + repped ya.....thats an uncommon occurance, feel happy haha
  18. After making my sacrifice to the dark lord, Ill probably go to an elementary school and use my mind powers to set young children on fire, its all in the eyes baby. Then I will stand on a street corner with a shotgun in a suburban neighbor hood, I wont fire a shot but Ill scare many people to death. Then ill probably eat some wendys and smoke a blunt.
  19. lmao ! :hello:
  20. The antichrist had to be a kid at one point.

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