What are your 3 thing you like to do while high?

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  1. :smoke:what are the top 3 things you like to do while high! just let it out! ill do mine first!

    1.BUMP to LOUD music
    2.Eat Goood food
    3.Go To Bed

    What are yours
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    1. skateboard
    2. hike
    3. nothing
    4. :bongin:
  3. 1a) doing anything really with good friends
    1b) having sex
    2) listening to good music
    3) playing videogames

    I like your list too, eating is 4th and I'd put going to sleep at maybe 7th.
  4. 1. smoke more

    2. drink beer

    3. figure out how to get more drugs
  5. 1) shower
    2) listen to music
    3) watch tv on the plasma
  6. i like to:

    -listen to good music
    -watch a good movie or tv show
    -have sex
    -eat good food

    thats all i can think of for now...:cool:
  7. eat
    talk to good friends
    read forums
    drive my car
    shake hands with my beef
    Pump music really loud
    drive the speedboat around the lake
    be camping
    dance to songs like no one is watching
  8. Work (i'm an artist)
    Watch Movies
  9. jus chill with my boys
    listen to music
    watch some nice tele
    play Nazi Zombies (CoD5)
  10. 1)Work on business plan (LAN CENTER WOO)


    3play video games

    and don't try and stop me im gonna sneak in 1 more...or more

    sex, internet........zzzzZZZ

    yay to all:smoke:
  11. smoke
    play the guitar
    play videogames
    write music
    write in general
    work on my comedy sketch

  12. QFT.

    My kind of girl.
  13. have sex, watch movies, play video games
  14. 1) Music
    2) Movies
    3) Food
    4) Musing, nothing like coming up with awesome ideas.
  15. Listening to music, playing Counter-Strike 1.6 (as well as these simultaneously), and playing ping pong or hockey.

  16. dude, nazi zombies is the SHIT, good call
  17. ya zombies on cod5 is fun.
    the people who listen to music
    what do u listen too?

    i like lil wayne,luda,hard hitting beats
  18. gettin my dick sucked
    rolling more blunts
    kickin it with my bros
  19. 1. SHOWER!!!!!
    2. PIZZA POPS!!!111
    3. Music.

    haha, i love feeling clean when im high for some reason. PS. Showers in the dark are quite the experience if your reallllll high
  20. 1. hang with friends
    2. ride my bike and
    3. get lost

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