What are you wearing, right now?

Discussion in 'General' started by Spacecowgirled, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I'll go first; orange, fit, tank top and boot-cut, blue jeans, a black sock, and a blue sock.
    Lol. That was fun.
    Now, you go. :D
  2. boxers and a white tee, just got outa the shower
  3. Jeans, black tank, white long sleeve shirt and my gray and black striped sweater.
  4. knee socks

    that is all

    edit: and a bowtie

  5. Lol! That is hilarious! I'm wearing a coat, too, now. :D
  6. Pink g-string and a latex face mask.
  7. my black house dress...and diamonds;)
  8. Gym outfit, wifebeater with a black T over it, and gym shorts. (Plus underwear)
  9. Clown suit
  10. White socks, green plaid boxers, blue jeans, a Bob Marley T-shirt, my snow hat, and my boots.
  11. grey socks longjohns shorts and a hanes undershirt
  12. White socks, Jeans, and an Alice in Chains T-Shirt.

    Does that turn you on?

  13. My most sincere apologies, but no.
  14. Boxers and a random t shirt black socks
  15. Bathing suit and a t-shirt.

    Gotta love summer!! :hello::hello::D

  16. Where the fuck do you live?! I will move their, immediately. The high, here lately has been, like 36F.
  17. a pair of mutha fuckin wranglers. that is all, goin commando
  18. Nothing.

  19. Dego T, pair of shorts, and ankle socks. My chilling outfit. :smoking:
  20. hot..

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