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what are you wearing? (lol)

Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by speechless, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. all jokes aside, what are you wearing? i'm wearing a strapless pink plaid dress, this bracelet that's a bunch of silver bangles on one thing, a bracelet with multicolor large hearts connected together, and sunglasses.

    also neon pink hoops.
  2. Nothing.

  3. Radiohead Concert T-Shirt,White Shorts, White Socks. Commando :cool:
  4. White t shirt, baggy jeans, DC versatile (orange/plumeria) shoes. Coolest shoes ever.
  5. Socks, green boxers, brown cargo shorts and a wife beater. Its hotter than a motherfucker in Cali right now.
  6. white tommy hilfiger boxers with blue waistband
  7. comfy ass moccasins, pajama pants and a grateful dead t shirt. stonerific :smoke:
  8. flannel evergreen boy shirts, and a led zeppelin concert shirt. Hair in a pony tail.
  9. black bob marley t shirt
    blue jeans
  10. black and white shorts, black teeshirt, its nasty up in NorCal
  11. [​IMG]

    Can't hate on my swag.


    Some SB Dunks, black-to-gray faded jeans, and a lime green Eastern Boarder tee. :cool:
  12. a white thsirt from Hurley, that i purchased at the buckle around 1999 or 2000. the sleeves have been removed by me. i wore this under my work shirt today. (searched for a pic but there are a million white hurley shirts and this one is very obscure)

    also, a pair of miller lite boxers that came in a can. they were a christmas gift a few years ago.

    and the socks i wore to work, theyre tan. kinda like dress socks, but not really. thicker. i purchased these socks at the gap abouuut 5 years ago.

    i dont just walk around in socks though....im wearing my macbeth vegan slippers too.(sans stripes. mine are solid black)


    also, a black silicon bracelet like this one:


    on my left wrist. (it never comes off)

    annnd contact lenses as well.
  13. It's way too fucking hot in my house, but I feel like being nekkid would just be more uncomfortable since it would be all sticky..

    I'm wearing a tan, light and breathable tank top kind of shit, and a blue panties with green trim and yellow little polka dots.
  14. I was going to say pink fuzzy thong, really high converse boots, a playboy bunny shirt, and a twirly hat. But then I saw all jokes aside. :eek:

    I'm wearing a plain grey T shirt with black outlined on the sleeves and the hole I put my head through, blue athletic shorts with white lines, white socks.:p
  15. Cat in the hat shirt and flannel pj pants LOL oh so sexy I know
  16. jeans, no shirt, and socks, now an mf doom shirt
  17. Bannana Republick head to toe thats my shit
  18. Morphine Generation shirt, Levis skinny jeans, green American Apparel briefs, black socks, black BedStu boots.
  19. wearing a slightly loose green, orange, yellowish tie dye i made a while ago, black gym shorts, black flipflops, a black three-quarter length sleeved zipup, silver bangles, a thick white bangle, and another thick black bangle studded with various silver circles.

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