What are you usually doing when you get high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Joint_girl, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. I`m almost every time just sittin and whit my friends,talkin shits and laughing on them...And what are you people usually doing when you get high?
  2. I'm either with my friends in my basement or just sittin around getting high to get high.
  3. if i smoke with friends we usually drive up and down this highway in our area. pretty stupid. now i smoke alone.
  4. All depends where i am.

  5. Usually at a kickback or my friends house after school, We just sit around or try to hook up with girls that hate us :) and it usaully work HAHA. Or we go play practical jokes, Or drink
  6. I do about the same things I do when I'm sober. Just that everything is waaaaay more fun.
  7. I love getting blazed and rocking out with friends. Good to smoke with other musicians. Fucking love jamming.
  8. well lately it has been twist one up cruise round back roads lookin @ xmas lights but the norm would be on my couch :D kicked back with some good tunes ~toke on!! :smoke:
  9. Exactly what I'm doing now. Sitting in front of the computer.
  10. Usually sittin under the underpass, or walkin around town, or at a music venue, like reggae or somethin, we usually talk loads and just enjoy the moments, especially at the reggae gigs :)
  11. I do everything when I'm high :D
  12. usually i'm just playin playstation or callin various places and askin them stupid questions
  13. A couple friends and I just chill in one of their basements. One controls the radio, I play one-player practice mode in espn nfl football, and the other kid just amuses us.

    Co-ed situations involve beer, not weed, for me.
  14. im usually just chilling where ever i am.

    or smoking some more...

    or im at home playing online games getting my ass kicked.
  15. As of late..

    - Watching Firefly
    - Playing GTA:VC or Halo
    - Watching the new RATM DVD.
  16. Playing music with my band, listening to music, or at a concert. Either way it always involves music.

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