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What are you toking right now?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JamesBasse, May 23, 2009.

  1. What kinda dank, stinky, sticky bud are you toking right now and what are you toking from?

    Right now I'm tokin blueberry haze outta my brand new 5 inch high mini bong :bongin:
  2. smoking some dank weed (could care less about its strain name) and in my vape.
  3. very nice piece, how much did that cost you?
  4. 165 not including tax
  5. i'm in a wicked garden right now. the bud is AK-47. 4 point magic game. amazing, so amazing... it's amaaaaaazing (in autotone).
  6. cool, also smokin jack herer but too strong to bong, just about managin d spliffs!!!!
  7. i got some purple haze and some GDP. dank and danker, sorry i dont have a camera though :(
  8. i'm toking some ak47 tonight
  9. Some nice golden hash that my neighbor gave me for free. With a ice cold Coors light to go with :)
  10. Dank G13. :smoking: in my little pipola.

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  11. Some Purple Kush

    I've been smoking purple kush and NYC deez for a few months now, I wanna switch it up and get some Haze
  12. Ive got some sour d and a little bit of trainwreck left
  13. I have some headies right now, I didn't get a strain name but all I know is it smells like a skunks asshole, its quiet a beautiful thing. I love opening my jar in the car.. within seconds its ALL you can smell.

    smoke on dudes.
  14. og stand by favorite and heavy duty fruity are my 2 at the moment!
  15. i just hit a bag of euforia.

    it's sunny outside.... nice..... :smoke::smoke:

    (we need a vaporizer emoticon)
  16. Strawberry Cough
  17. Bubba Kush :D
  18. I am smoking some of the dankest shit ever man. Im pretty high on it right now guys....wait a sex...............................................................................................\

    OK im back now baby/s

    anyways I bought this shit for $200 a zip. I bought 2 zips from the guy and now I will be good until july guys. Plus I have a grow going with ak47xblueberry :)

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  19. I have a jar of 5 grams of shredded up dank at my apartment right now, I'm with my family now so I only have 1 gram of some purple nurple haha.

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