What are you thoughts on life after death?

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  1. I have really been thinking on this a lot lately. it comes to my mind with everything i see. I think deeply on life and it used to bother me. When i first started smoking, i got really concerned, almost like a depressed state and i thought it could have been the weed, but i knew differently as i am just very analytical. So, now i have come to realize that i was changing into another phase in my life. I was maybe maturing, but i do see the world and everything it holds in an entirely different light. Pot may have contributed to this over thinking or maybe it would have happened regardless; who knows.
    I was reading through this section on GC and liked how another member put it... "another embarkment"
    I like to think of it like that, too. Maybe there is a heaven or hell or maybe this is heaven or hell and we just don't know it because we were born into it along with all of our friends and relatives. Or maybe this life is training for something else?

    Or (this just came to mind) what if we are "spiritless" and the only thing creating these ideas and envisions are our conscious minds and we think about death and any possibilities of what happens when we die only because we want to go on and do more. It's our curiosity that stems all this.

    However, according to the bible (i don't want to debate this), Jesus walked earth performing miracles in front of others and that there is proof. He said he'd forgive us and we'd go to heaven. But what is heaven? Nirvana? pure tranquility? Or is all that a hoax, too? Maybe the bible started over too much deep thinking and smoking so someone made the Book! haha just joking about that one!

    Maybe we are just a bacteria that has mutated for millions of years so we can live comfortably in this environment. And we keep progressing and changing faster and faster taking over and ruining the world. Or maybe there is a greater power out there and we are all just a story; a mark in the book.

    We could sit here all day spinning circles about this, but i just wanted to share some of my thoughts on life. It also helps to organize these thoughts by typing them. It's refreshing nonetheless. So what are your thoughts?
  2. A lot like life before death.

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  3. Wait, wait.. so you think when you die, its the same thing as what we're experiencing now? like we recycle or something? how about a little more thought and insight to what you think. this is the philosophy section after all.
  4. Once you gone you gone its like a dream its gone!
  5. wow i messed up that joke.

  6. lol this was funny ^

    All I know is life is hard and alot of work.

    Can you imagine putting forth all the effort for this to mean zip. :eek:

    If thats the case, why should I spend the next 40 years overcoming hardships (to fullfill my selfish desires?) and hurdles when I can just skip to the finish line and be at the same destination as you and save myself the trouble. Gotta love shortcuts
  7. So then this theory is saying you're just a mental construct....when the brain dies...the "you" dies because you're the brain. Technically, if you are the brain, then the "you" doesn't exist at all and you're tricking yourself to thinking "you" exist --similar to ego. I actually like this theory alot, but I don't quite think its true.
  8. To continue and grow the human race. the things we do has such a huge impact on the rest. You are a contributing member. If you just died, things wouldn't be the same because you have something to offer, even if you don't think so.
  9. Hardy har har! :hello:

    Oh and philan, I think that if we put a lot of effort and energy into our lives and experiences, the inevitable death we experience will not nullify all that came before it. It meant a lot to us, as an individual, while we did exist. That means something, at least subjectively. :)
  10. Honestly, i believe there is nothing after death. When you die, you die. We are nothing but animals (a little more advanced, yes, and ignorant because of it.).

    Now, im not totally ruling out the possibilities, for all i know, we can travel to a TOTALLY different demension that doesn't even understand this demension, as in colors we've never seen, shapes we didn't think exist, and reality is a whole different perplexity.

    You know, my english teacher asked the class about this a few months ago, i was very surprised that almost EVERYONE said "Heaven", and when i said my answer they all looked at me like i was the devil or somthing. =/
  11. had to throw this in here...very interesting.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RRs7fXjs_w&feature=related]YouTube - Extraordinary people - The boy who lived before Pt1[/ame]
  12. Right, but do you see? Like really see where that argument leads?

    I could say by the argument of "When you die, you die, and no longer exist" you're actually saying you are the brain - when the brain dies, you die. The argument doesn't stop there, but people always stop for some reason and it drives me nuts.

    If you're the brain, then the "you" doesn't even exist at all. You're a mental system of the brain..a construct and nothing more. As stonerish pointed out, people are then never born, never die, because they don't exist to begin with. It's like if artificial intelligence acquired self-awareness somehow and thought they were 'alive' and not sophisticated computing processes linked together forming systems and subsystems,because they are not observing the said 'sophisticated computing processes' -- that's all under the hood and out of the designed observational view. So basically if you hold those sentiments to be true (that when we die, its all over, and we're just the brain), then you have to acknowledge that you don't even exist at all. Subjectively you may *think* you do, Objectively you don't. *at all* :)

    Queue Twilight zone theme song --ACTION!
  13. I understand what you're saying, I just don't see how it relates to what I said.
  14. It actually had nothing to do with what you said.
    My reply was directed to gburna420s comment, but I thought I would throw it at you to see if I got an interesting response. Confusion works too though.

  15. so creepy to think about deeply.
  16. I think it's the same as before you were born. Nothing. You cease to exist. The universe existed for billions of years before you existed and will for billions more after you have existed. Depressing? Yeah, but this is what seems rational to me and I don't lie to myself.
  17. I watched that whole video on the boy who lived or whatever. That's actually a crazy video. I'm baffled.

  18. Yeah me too, I don't really know how to even digest it. Could parents be hoaxing these? I think children would slip up if that was the case. Could the children be misinterpreting imaginative thought with memory or creating false memories? Possibly, but normally false memories are based on an event and then its misconstrued or written into long term memory with corrupt data, not creating a totally new event. I don't get it. Pretty amazing.
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    I'm still speechless. Lately I've been interested as fuck in life/death/life after death/etc. About a month ago, my first dog I ever had died (had her my whole life, and considered her my best friend) so I've basically been reading up on what happens. I want her to be a live somewhere. I'm sure you've lost a pet or another member of the family, so you know what I'm sayin. But after watching that video, I just don't even know what to think. It could also be the fact that it's 20 to 3 in the morning and I'm extremely fuckin' tired.

    Apparently, after about 49 days, your spirit or whatever is reincarnated into a new form of life. Well, today is the 49 day mark of her death. I can't get to sleep because I just want to know she's safe and somewhere special still having fun.

    Anyways, didn't mean to make that a huge post about my dog.

    EDIT: I've been thinking about death a lot lately, and came up with a pretty cool idea. I forget where, but I do recall reading "Energy cannot be created or destroyed." Your consious, your spirit, that is a source of energy. Basically what I have come up with is that when your body dies, your spirit leaves your body. You are not in your body anymore, but a source of energy floating around. You can go where ever you please. Since your body is gone though, I guess your body is no more. Like a shell or something. After thinking about that, I got to thinking how this so called "source of energy" is supposed to see where it's going. So the answer to that I have not come up with yet.
  20. Energy cannot be made or destroyed, yes
    But that energy could be transferred to the maggots eating our decaying bodies for all we know :(

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