What Are You THANKFUL For?

Discussion in 'General' started by NIXXXON, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Blades!!

    I'm thankful for my mom. My awesome son. The rest of my bonehead family, The roof over my head, and the food on my plate. Im thankful for everyday I get to take another breath.

    Enjoy your day guys!!:wave:
  2. i know its the day we slaughtered natives and stuff,but..

    im thankful for my family, my warm shower, my friends, good beer, good weed, good food, my house..idk the list could go on but those are the mains today
  3. Turkey, a healthy family, cannabis, beer, venison, music, and ladies..

    in no particular order:smoke:
  4. I'm going to my grandparents to eat their food, then after that I'm going to my girlfriends to eat more food!

    Food! I'm thankful for food. And well ofcourse, my loved ones. Lol.
  5. my life... nuff said


  6. FOOD > GF LOL

    well i guess u need food to survive so ......
  7. Im thankful for my hand
  8. Life, happiness, family, friends, love, my babies (aka my pets), having a roof over my head, my job, everything I have that many people aren't fortunate enough to have, and of course mary jane :smoke:
  9. not very much lately.
  10. My dad
    My somewhat sanity
    My friends

    That's bout it.
  11. :confused:

    Today is one of the few days we DIDN'T battle the Indians.

    But I'm thankful for my family, house, and I'm thankful that I have grown as a person from last year to this year :)

    Oh and my frannddzzz, they're always there for me :love:

    Have a good one yallllll :smoke:
  12. The basics! Health, food, shelter. That I was born in the US and not somewhere where attaining basic survival needs is a struggle. My wonderful Gf and my family as well!
  13. I'm thankful for having an amazing, loving girlfriend.

    ...and that's about it.
  14. Cannabis! It prevents my migraines and lifts my spirits!

    My family- both by relation and those I have chosen.


  15. Leonard Statler
  16. Been going through some rough times myself.. I'm thankful for my health and the health of my friends/family. And even though we aren't together, my amazing 8 month old son who loves everyone and everything :) I love you little dude!
  17. Wake and bakes, pickled shrimp and cream cheese, and my beautiful daughter.
  18. I'm thankful for my views on life. I wouldn't trade my mistakes because I'm learning from them.
  19. I'm lakota Sioux from south Dakota, the concept of thanksgiving is great but its the history behind it that makes me uneasy...everybody should give thanks and show appreciation to those around them but please everybody don't believe what America has told you about this holiday....entire cultures were destroyed because of the events that surround this holiday....

    My family still celebrates this day as a giving thanks tradition but nothing more....you won't find any patriotism here folks....on a lighter note I'm thankful for my health and getting into musicians institute in Hollywood!!!!!!

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