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  1. I would not like to be labeled a troll, so please don't read this if your a flamer.

    First off here are a few things:
    I have been smoking "tobacco" for about two years now. (19yrsold)
    I am bipolar.
    For about 12 years I've been thinking about offing myself, now I will NOT ever do it because it would hurt those around me. ( so please don't post "don't do it)

    Now I've come to understand the reason for the way i think and do things and I have come up with this:
    What are you supposed to do if the person you absolutely hate is yourself?

    Like you hate that people could enjoy you as a person, because not even you do, and that other people could say a thousand more positive things about you than you could yourself.
  2. think of all the shit youve yet to accomplish.
    you only get one chance at it so live it up my friend.
  3. You change the shit you hate before its too late. You can't give up on yourself man, thats how you have a shitty fucking life.

    Challenge yourself, look inside, and make the changes you need. NO excuses.
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    actual advice:

    go to a bookstore, (or barnes & noble's "new age" section) pick up a self help book, or some kind of spiritual (i didn't say religous) book and you might have a revelation.

    I'd recommend "The 4 agreements" by don miguel ruiz. changed my life. deals with exactly what you're contemplating.

    edit: i feel like I'm on totse again.....its a good feeling
  5. I think the thing to do in this situation is ask yourself what the reasons are behind the fact that you hate yourself. Self-loathing will get you nowhere, you need to identify the things that make you feel this way and take steps to correct them. Obviously I don't know anything about your life and your situation so I may be asking you to do a very difficult thing here, but you will only be able to move forwrd by addressing the things that make you feel negatively about yourself.
  6. As cheesy as it sounds man, you just gotta learn to love yourself. Sitting around moping and being depressed all day won't help.

    Something that really makes me feel good about myself is helping others. Might sound weird, but when I'm able to serve another person I'm just absolutely on cloud nine. Give it a try man...just knowing that you were able to be a positive influence in someone elses life is an incredible feeling.

    I volunteer at a homeless shelter 2 nights a week, and then a shelter for battered women on Sunday nights. These people need help, but more importantly they need to know that not everybody in the world wants to kick them while they're down. It's absolutely fucking rad to talk to these people and hear about their lives, and it really helps to put my own in perspective.

    Learn to love yourself bud. You don't have to become a cocky, arrogant asshole, but learn to have some peace within yourself. Take a walk, smoke a j and enjoy this beautiful world we live on, and then realize you're a part of it.

    You can either take the beauty all around you, and internalize it and magnify it, or you can just sit around and wonder "what if" for the rest of your life. Either you try your absolute hardest to make this place better for those around you, or you just give up.

    Try harder man. Gotta keep trying. My wife is a dork and always leaves me some "words of wisdom" in my lunch bag everyday, and the one in the bag today was "when you are in the service of your fellow man you are in the service of your God." No matter what your religious beliefs are, that's a comforting statement.

    [/sermon :p]
  7. i think the best thing you can do is get a Brooklyn tape up, go to the clubs fuck bitches and get money. Drive a mitsubishi gallant with the windows tinted make sure its automatic with a loud shitty exaust. Also start wearing brand like armani exchange ed hardy and fcuk. Make sure you go tanning atleast twice a week at your local tanning booth and make sure you always have hair gel handy so you can spike whenever you please.

    Or you could read a book like these guys say
  8. i was having a self loathing thing a couple days back and a friend mentioned for me to read up on zizek and nietsczhe. do it :D
  9. have some shrooms man, fucking life changing.
  10. hmm what you need,is to go take a trip by your self,somewhere very pleasant like the mountains or the woods somewhere you can be in touch with nature,get some real LSD-25 make sure its good acid tho.then have a life changing trip.find your self,figure out things you've always wondered about,cause LSD is the right tool that you can use to your benefit in that way if you so choose to.
  11. ^uber looooool at that

    Thanks guys, Really.
    But I do challenge myself, I used to think it was because I grew up obese, 240 at grade 10, but then I dropped to 140 and upped to 160 of pure muscle. From there, i still didn't care for myself much. I am a pretty spiritual person and i challenge myself academically ( in graduated high school with 1.5 college years complete for business and engineering ) but i don't know. when i look in the mirror i dont see someone i like or would like to be, and i sure as hell don't know why my friends like me...
    Gotta Love it

  12. Don't like how you are, who you are, what you are? Well, then look in the mirror and say "how do i want to be?" Ask yourself what type of person you want to be and go for it. If you hate certain qualities about yourself and do what you can to change them. Now, if you're speaking on physical qualities, then I'm not sure I can help really...

    In general people like to come up with reasons as to why they CAN'T do something. Fuck that attitude. Start coming up with reasons as to why you CAN do things. Best advice I've gotten in a while from a relative.

    Not to get too far off topic, but I have a friend who is depressed and hates herself from what I've gathered. She constantly complains, bitches, is negative, etc etc. When said person comes for advice on a certain topic, especially self-loathing, depression and shit...no matter what is said, it isn't listened to, so no matter how disparaged she is...I don't really give a fuck anymore, and don't feel compelled to help her when she asks? Why? Well...I'm sick of feeling like the advice she seeks to fall on deaf ears, as well as the feeling that she just seeks attention. Long story short: at the end of the day, it all comes from within. Somewhere down there you hold the keys to your own happiness whether you know it or not.
  13. When it comes down to it your life is your life, it's all your going to experience everyone else is colateral. If your going to off yourself why not make the most of your life before you end it because in the end nothing really matters.
  14. I know exactly how you feel, I have spent the most of my life like that.

    Specially when it comes to girls/relationships/heartbreak I always did wonder why they ever bothered to start with.

    Best thing to do for me is hang out with a few buddies, smoke a few rounds, you really do feel a lot better after.

    I have used anti-depressants before, they do help, but take a long time to kick in

    Weed is my anti-depressant :smoking:

    ...Yes, you do have to love it...
  15. DUDE..
    I know how you your feelin. Through my high school ive know 4 dudes that have offed them selfs. Going to each funeral and seeing all the teachers and students is something that no ones should have to go through yet alone 4 times.
    My user name came from my best friends older brother who at 19 hung him self.

    Your young and things suck when your young. No money, No girls everything is against you and atleast in my experince when it rains it pours.

    I smoke lots of weed and i decided that im the only one that can change my life.
    I started lifting in the gym everyday to get stacked and in shape. When you work out you feel good about your self. Your alone with your head phones and the weights. Take your feelings out on lifting.
    The worst part of Suicide is it only take you a matter of seconds to change the decades of others lifes around you. When you feel down and out go work out. Youll be to sore to complain about anything else.

  16. If I said it before, I'll say it again. I'm Bi-Polar, I tried to off myself ( 1 month in the loony ward fixed me )

    Dude, listen, to only yourself. If your down, find a Hobby. It helps. That's why us Bi-Polar folks, love self medicating. I chose growing weed, kills 2 birds, with one stone.
    I also take a 3 drug, cocktail, that helps as well. Dude, you will get over this hump, and I hope, it's due to, you, gaining interest, in something that takes up, a good part of your day, so near the end of your day, you can sit, smoke dope, be with friends, and most importantly, be nice and tired, for the next fun day.

    Be easy, Dude Man.
  17. Find some humor in life and start breaking some rules. Do you think you don't fit into society or are not what society wants you to be? Fuck society. I am the same way sometimes. I get down on myself because I feel like I don't belong anywhere. Getting older, I realize that friends are the most valuable assets. It doesn't matter why they like you, just enjoy them and keep smoking. At least that's how I deal with it.
  18. This is my logic
    [I apologize if it comes off as crazy]

    If you're hating yourself in your mind, seeing things from a warped negative perspective and feeling bad, there's also this other part of your mind that's there seeing you hating you isn't there? Another perspective you have. A part of you on the outside of that negative mindset.

    There might be another bit of you thinking 'why' and wanting to be fix things.

    Another perspective. There's a part of your mind that wants to heal as well as the part that hates you.

    The self doubting part of you.. that negative perspective, isn't bigger or more powerful than the others. You're just paying it more attention, giving it more energy by being scared of it and focusing on it, feeling victimized by it.

    You just need to see it for what it is. Face up and own it. You seriously feel bad. You hate yourself. You have a negative unpleasant side and you have pain, everyone does. It's ok. See it and move on.

    Don't sit and dwell on it when you know it's pointless and negative just switch to another part of your mind and get up and do something cool for yourself. Push yourself to feel good.

    Look after yourself..be a patient parent with yourself and take responsibility for your life. Think of things you need to do for yourself and just do them..don't think about it.

    You can learn to like yourself then love yourself.
  19. This is one awesome piece of advice

    Very insightful

    I would +rep if mine meant shit...
  20. just a little update and a little bit of closure at that.

    Starting to finally get over the negative hump (F(g)=-x^2 for any nerds out there, random but fun)
    Finallly that little bit of trouble is coming to an end, I really want to thank all of you who took the time to come out to this part of the city and be a good citizen. The oobie-doobie black box in my skull is finally being triggered in a good way again and I really would like to give that credit to your posts.

    Thanks a million, (pounds of Grape Ape x White Widow )
    *cough* kumar... seriously

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