What are you smokin' on?

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  1. How is everyone this fine Tuesday, May the 3rd? Who else out there is lighting up tonight? What are you smokin' on?

    Tonight is just some good mids and a large joint.

  2. Wish i was smoking tonight :D. but i just got a beuatiful glass bowl. Im gonna fire her up this weekend with some friends. break her in haha. but grats to you, that joint looks mint bro!. enjoy!
  3. greens! puff puff. pass.
  4. Nice j man! I won't be smoking until my exam tomorrow :smoke:
  5. I put my shit away before loggin on.. now im too lazy, and too stoned to get up from south park and my computer, to go take a pic of it.
  6. Some Bubba Kush, fresh of the truck from back hom, out of my new bubbler.
  7. This is my first ever piece. A small metal/wood pipe I got for 10$ last week. I really like it... and I've already been scorned by the glass purist about my pipe of choice. Please don't preach glass to me.

    Still in my honeymoon phase with it. Just packin' bowl after bowl. ><

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  8. Got any pictures of it KGann?
  9. Gotta love the iPad app for this site. It won't let me attach the same photo to two different threads. With that, I also have no way to link my thread about it. Just look up my thread "New Bubbler", it's what I am smoking on tonight also.
  10. nice joint man!
  11. That's a nice piece :smoke:

    And that's after I puffed on it for a while, it was much larger... heh, I smell a "that's what she said" joke coming.
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    I dig it. Not a bad piece to hold me over for $40.

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