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What are you reading!?

Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by Dryice, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. if you liked Junky by WSBurroughs ,you would probably like his triolgy starting with 'City of the Red Night' ,,,mac,
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  2. GC Forums
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  3. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde
  4. [​IMG]
    my first book of the author is very simplistic easy to read

    perhaps made/written for very very busy peeps

    perhaps written by machine ..I strongly suspect

    score 6/10

    good luck
  5. Don’t forget Naked Lunch!

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  6. Any Hemingway fans? I’ve done them all multiple times. For Whom the Bell Tolls - the story of a young dynamiter falling in love during the thick of the War; The Sun Also Rises - the story of a group of friends in Europe, hard drinking in Paris, trout fishing and heading to Spain for the bullfight festival; Islands in the Stream - one of my all time favorites about an painter who lives on the Gulf island of Bimini, spends the summer fishing, goggle fishing and generally relaxing with his sons - again, during the war, and then as the war progresses he ends up a ship captain out of Cuba chasing a group of Germans through the Keys ...

    So many more - great, fantastic books.

    Again - any Hemingway fans?

  7. hi 'jerry' yea read that book many times now ,,,think ive read most of Burroughs books and his diaries ..i like Burroughs and the way he writes and thinks ,,,,,,some of his writings are heavy going and a bit of a mind trip ...lol.mac.
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  8. Love it Mac - I’ve only read the drug addict books (Junkie & NL) but they sure aren’t fiction lol

    When I find an author I love I’ll read and reread his works multiple times - seems I can’t get enough once I find something I really enjoy and WS Burroughs fits that bill.

  9. I do really need to check these out too, Mac. The thing is, is I drive a lot - it’s like 65 miles each way to work for me each way to and from work - plus I’m out heading to different jobsites all over the state (Maine - & it’s a big state) so I’m in my car just tons. I download pdf and epub files, usually for free and let SIRI read the books to me through my car stereo speakers. It works great and doesn’t cost me a million buying audio books - which really add up over time.

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  10. with Burroughs books fiction get mixed in with facts of his life ,,theres always a recurring people in them from Junkie and Naked lunch ,,,.but the trilogy of 'City's of the Red Night' are well worth a read ,it sort of Si fi ,mixed in with every other writings ,,,some very weird stuff in places ,,,and his diaries and Dreams books are well worth a read as well ,,mac,,
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  11. Thanks Mac. I’ll definitely look into the other WSB books as suggested.

    Have you ever gotten into Hemingway?

  13. I stumbled upon Allan Watts and Terrance Mckenna, and it’s been an amazing journey

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  14. thanks jerry ,,,but i hate reading from my laptop ,,i love books so next time i am out i shall get a copy either from book shop or have a look in the charity shop for one ,,,,i will get one now youve recommended it to me ,,,mac,,

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