What are you reading!?

Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by Dryice, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. The beginning fairly hammed it up, it got less... gross. It ended quite well. 5/10
  2. Robin Hobbs assassins apprentice. So good. Finished it in 3 days. Finishing the others in the series for sure!!
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  3. Recently read fools assassin, the first in another trilogy of hers, as well ass shamans crossing, and forest mage, the first two in another trilogy of hers. Can't recall the names of the trilogies, but they're all worth reading. I enjoyed all of them. Big fan of Robin Hobb.
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  4. L. Ron Hubbard Battlefield Earth.
    Getting slightly bored with it halfway through. Could be because I've been on a sci fi kick lately and am becoming a little jaded of alien, space and technology jargon... It's a good read nonetheless..

    Just recently began The Expanse series. Leviathan Wakes being the first book. Searching for the second book now. Promising series...
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    The self-sufficency bible. Quite a nice read. It's not one of those lame ass self-help books which tell you to love yourself and shit. No. It's about how to make your own beer and wine, how to grow your own food, make homemade bread and yogurt (not mixed together of course) from scratch make your own clothing and raise livestock, stuff like that.
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  6. 26104650_849206801928858_905056745_o.jpg
    I have been reading about cheese.
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  7. A magazine called "Centennal spotlight" Marijuna goes mainstream. The article I am reading is the first one in the mag. "Chapter 1 "Pot primer."
  8. Just finished,
    The Whistler--John Grisham
    The finish was anti-climatic. Grisham sees to disappoint me about 1/4 of the time.
  9. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  10. Heard John Grisham is a good writer but never personally have I read anything of his.
  11. Junkie by William Burroughs
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  12. this thread
  13. The Drawing of The Three. It's the second book in Stephen King's series The Dark Tower. The first one was quite slow but this one is much better. Classic Stephen King in a different setting.
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  14. I am reading Salems Lot by Stephen King rn.

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  15. Thomas Sowell is such a brilliant mind, I could listen to him talk for hours.
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  16. Yea, sadly that audiobook was not read by him.

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