What are you playing, sucka?!?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by cloudsofganja, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. image.jpg Got the old skyrim going tonight. Anybody playing anything lately? Or have anything they like to play in particular whilst stoned?
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  2. hentai games on newgrounds
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  3. Jesus Christ man
  4. Trying to play battlefield 3 but it gets old after 5 minutes every time. Love gta 5 but getting burned out too. Wish i never got rid of marvel vs capcom.
  5. I need to get a new PS4 I'm stuck with my old Xbox 360. Had to sell my first one. Needed the extra cash a while back. Blehhhhh
    Skyrims gotten old a few times now.

  6. Just finished a 4 hour session on Friday the 13th the game on ps4 the games hella tight

  7. That looks fucking sick
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  8. Its a gnarly game bro especially if you get picked as Jason, you can tear limbs off and stuff its mad lol
  9. I'm gonna have to get that for sure
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  10. Its a good game for the price £31 or $40, the game isn't completed yet and you can only get digital copy's of it on the store, the people who made it are adding a single player some time this year and they keep updating it with new maps ect + any future dlc will be free

  11. + you can only play online atm still pretty sick though you have 7 councilors and someone plays as Jason you either have to escape or kill Jason :smoke:
  12. I've gotten heavily back into Rainbow Six Siege. Still one of the absolute best and most innovative shooters in years imo

    Other than that, the endless grind to get better in Rocket League, and Subnautica or Euro/American Truck Simulator if I just want to chill
  13. I think i might play Metal Gear Solid V again.
    That has been one of my favorites. Reminds me a bit of the splinter cell games.

    Rocket league was pretty addicting too.
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  14. Just got done booting up my new RDR profile on my 360 for like the last 4 hours lol. Got to the mountains and got off.

    Also been playing Overwatch, GTA and Shadow of Mordor on X1.
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  15. Shadow of mordor is pretty awesome
  16. yeah I had this on xbox back in the day and played it a little bit. I ended up picking up on the steam sale for like $2.50 or something, and it really is a pretty fun game going back through it again. I also picked up and already beat Dishonored 1, which was also a pretty damn awesome game that I just totally missed.
    I've bounced back to bf4 from bf1. Bf1 is pretty, but it just gets stale.
  17. Anyone play ark on ps4?

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