What are you looking at dawggggg? Post your pets!

Discussion in 'Pets' started by haggs, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Haha I dunno, my new dog though!!


    Post your own pets?!?

    I have a cat too..maybe later i'll post..he's not as cute :p

  2. its a cute pup. Damn near every lab Ive come in contact with has been fucking retarded. I had one for all of about a month... Fuckin bastard chewed CHEWED the outside of my house! I live in a brick and plaster house and the fucking dog chewed a corner off...

    So I got rid of his stupid ass.

  3. Mm that sucks..she's actually a golden though, but yea her temper right now seems to match exactly what your talking about. Not that bad..she's tolerable., but that's a bummer you've had some bad experiences haha. Stick to cats or something :confused:

  4. Yeah I have a cat... He acts like a dog. he hangs out with two pitbulls and a pug all day :D

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