What are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Golem-146, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. Im listening to, The Movielife- Taking it in and Chopping it Out, oh wait nevermid song just changed Yellowcard - Starstuck
  2. Listening to the new Staind album... It's ok...
  3. life of agony!!!

    river runs red
  4. bob marley "hotel california"
  5. The Cathedrals...

    ya know... GOSPEL music :D
  6. janis joplin
  7. The new Mr Kee mixtape, if you like rap come holla at me ill hook you up with some free songs from kee this nigga is sick, give him a yr or two and everyone will be jockin him. Every album he puts out gets better and better and he's now startin to get radio play out here.
  8. Wheatus- Teenage Dirtbag

    I know its old but still its a good song, too bad Wheatus sucks now...

    " CAUSE I'AM JUST A TEEN---- " sorry heh
  9. DAMN Finch is fucking cool

    Finch- Letters to You
  10. Nothing right now, but lately I've been listening to a lot of metal type stuff

    Tool, Dog Fashion Disco, Metallica..

    But now, I think I'll put on Sublime!
  11. The theme from Welcome Back Kotter.
  12. Guns and roses-Patience(acoustic)its a brilliant song.

  13. speaking of those no talent hak's.......every time i hear saint anger on the radio all i can see is cliff burton rolling over in his grave

    that shit band has gone nothing but down hill sence that bus crash!

    the shortest straw

    blackened is the end

    justus was the last good album before the new mind set took hold and any real talent they once had was slowly soffocated untill it finaly died

    saint anger ....FUCK OFFF.....

    opps worng thread...

    oh yeah im listening to ...shes in love....savatage....

    bet she knever knew it would ....taste so good.....!

    shes in love .....ohhhhhhh.......shes in love ......ohhh no....

    and it tastes good!
  14. Marilyn manson-Mobscene
  15. Bob marley - mr.brown

  16. at 2:31 am I'am listening to Allister- Scratch
  17. the rugburns.......my carphone's on the pill...

    my carphones on the pill,
    and my girl friends got call waighting

    satins in the bagles and my toaseters masterbateing ..

    help me please...

    my computer has hard drive and my disk is always floppy
    my zerox has the runns and it wount stop shiting copys ..

    help me please.....

    ok now its suburbia...still rugburns....

    my sun just got arressted hes got pot leaves on his door ...
    his favorite bands the rug burns and he wants a fucking war in suburbia...the kids are always skreaming half the night ...the way they never go to sleep they must be smoking ice...

    think ill go to hirums guns and liqur just for fun and pick me up some wiskey and a shiny new black gun....go down the road to k-mart for the blue lite special hour ...put the barrel to my head it gives me special power in suburbia....
  18. Genuine - Ride It, My Poney
  19. Kottonmouth Kings- Kings Blend
  20. silence ...musics original alturnitive

    "they they asked us to come on mtv and play unpluged...so we got on stage and refused to play the songs wed refused to record in the first place.....

    then we smashed are shit!"

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