What are you like while high?

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  1. I'm very chill. I can sit for an hour listening to music non stop. Depending if I'm with people ill giggle over stupid stuff sometimes, but usually I sit there and enjoy the experience.It kind of annoys me when I'm baked and your baked friend is like trying to have a long convo. I don't want to talk lol
  2. really friendly. giggly. unfortunately a bit incoherent sometimes. creative.
  3. Chill super friendly and a part time philosopher

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  4. Chill. Im usually the one who brings up some stupid conversation starter. Just more social when highSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Depends how high but on average I'm the same but happier and more relaxed.  I'm normally really quiet but I find it easier to talk to people when medicated.  But thats a light to mid high.  If I'm really high I'm super quiet and get lost in my own thoughts a lot, or lost in music.  I don't like to be really high around people because a lot of times I'm just trying to figure out wtf I'm doing.
  6. I'm a very much toned down version of myself, though that version is still wildly animated and sociable. When I'm straight, my personality can be a bit much for others to handle. Stoned Toasty wouldn't have much patience for Sober Toasty, which is why I smoke as much as I do.
    I'm a talker, a storyteller - but don't worry, you don't have to contribute or even listen. Just remind me every now and then about bogarting the joint and we'll be peaches.
  7. Relaxed, lazy, don't want to talk. Just want to go sleep. That's what I use it for
  8. I talk a shitload and i laugh alot. But then i can just chill and do nothing, it depends.
  9. I'm very chill, friendly, silly and horny all at the same time lol
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    pretty easy going. sometimes when i'm to high i tend to be quiet.
  11. Super quiet my cousin says I'm like a statue when I'm really high. For some reason when me and my bro smoke together we always end up laughing uncontrollably, I love those highs.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  12. It depends on strain and how much I smoke but all around I'm happier, free of worries, relaxed, creative, sometimes more emotional, and craving the finest grub (tacos ice cream brownies in n out etc... ) ~ganja is water for the soul~
  13. I'm a lot of things, but I'm always thirsty. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  14. go get a drink son, and welcome to GC. 
  15. [quote name="Shiva Blaster" post="19336810" timestamp="1389676788"]go get a drink son, and welcome to GC. [/quote]I do and just did. :p
  16. I can be the philosopher, the comedian, the crazy one who does all of the stupid things or just that guy who sat in that chair.I prefer to act like a kid though I'll only blow your mind on some universe shit if it's brought up.
  17. Horny, hungry, and chill. lol
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