What are YOU jammin to?

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  1. this is a very mellow high :smoke:
    "Show Me" - Jill Scott

    who is jill scott? awesome! lol
  2. real muthafuckin g's - Eazy muh fuckin E
  3. listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan at the moment. that guy was the KING of the guitar!! great to jam to when im stoned. and now im on the wake n bake. very nice
  4. yeah very good artist. but he did use the blues scale for like everything. so if you can improv, your pretty much as good.
  5. no one can play scales like SRV. im willing to stick my neck out there and say he is a better guitar player than hendrix.... lol that should get a response. lol. oooo peter tosh is on now. 'legalize it' good stuff
  6. that respsones doesnt make sense man. scales are scales. and im not comparing stevie to hendrix. its two different styles first of all. thats a different arguement.

    ive had music teachers that can shred just as good if not better than stevie. yet they just teach kids, and sit at home and enjoy themselves.

    to say he is the greatest? maybe. but its all blues scales, and he never goes away from that
  7. Lava Lava - Boyz Noise

    Whenever I'm blazing, this is about the only song that makes me want to get up and shake it. :O
  8. i like the blues. especially live. good music for gettin fukd up! but im jammin to cypress hill now. gotta toke this only bowl i have till tomorrow. :smoke:
  9. nooo! make it last lol. cypress hill is fun to blaze too sometimes. i think im makin a cd real quick n goin for a cruise
  10. Gucci-Pillz
  11. Somebody Please by Brenton Woods ^^
  12. Already Home- Jay-Z Ft. Kid Cudi
  13. 3 Inches of Blood - Fire Up the Blades Album

    Stone Riders - Three Legs of Trouble (local band)
  14. Classified - Where are you?
  15. Mean Old Fireman by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

    Just a classic acoustic slide song. Pity its in open E. I'm transposing it to open G which is no problem because its pretty simple but theres one riff I need to change about so it sounds right in the different tuning.
  16. Sword of the Witcher - Vader

  17. The Joker - Steve Miller Band
  18. Pearl of Great Price - Starflyer 59
  19. Proud to be a Stoner

    KottonMouth Kings:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

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