What are YOU insecure about?

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    Alright guys (and gals), this is a rather personal thread. What about yourself makes you feel insecure? I'm not talking something like "my looks." That's boring. Most people are insecure about their looks to some extent. Think hard. Think deep and be honest. What makes you insecure?

    For me, I have a slight lisp when I talk that I honestly cannot hear myself, and I had no earthly idea that I had one until one of my ex girlfriends said "sometimes your lisp is really cute," when we were dating. My response was more or less "woah woah woah hold up. I have lisp?!" She was rather surprised I didn't know about it already. Now I'm pretty self conscious about it, not to the point where I won't talk, but it's kind of always on my mind when I am speaking "I wonder if they're noticing. If they are, what are they thinking?"

    Who's next?

    Let's make this a game, too. Whatever the person above you posts. Cheer them up about it and reassure them it doesn't change their worth as a person :)

    Happy toking!

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  2. What am i not insecure about?  I am worthless.  The only thing im not insecure about is my group of friends because i cut them all out of my life
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    Well damn
  4. I'm insecure that I come off as boring to guys that I like. I'm not necessarily quiet but I'm not very playful or perky. I'm straight forward. I think the issue is that I don't really do small talk. I don't joke around. I want to talk about fucking, something really deep, politics, love, ect. I'm not into back and forth sarcastic banter : / My mom says that I have no sense of humor -_- I do, it's just not sarcastic humor.

    Anyway, I end up comparing myself to these imaginative outgoing girls and I feel like a piece of white bread toast.

    I really let it get to me and in turn, I am more quiet than I would be normally and it ends up being this terrible self fulfilling prophesy.
  5. I'm reluctant to admit it but old habits really do die hard. I've always been insecure about being accepted and liked by everybody I come into contact with. I've spent a long time working on myself, to the point where I'm proud of who I am and I'm no longer so consumed by those feelings, but the thoughts don't lurk too far below the surface.
  6. I am mindblowingly bad at:
    • giving relationship advice
    • reacting appropriately when I'm alone with someone that's crying
    and it really makes me insecure about my value as a friend.
  7. Idk. I'm insecure about my biceps I guess.

    Other than that I'm pretty open about my life in every facet. Find it easier that way.

    But I don't where short sleeves. For real. Ever.
  8. Sometimes I wonder if people like me or if they just pretend that they do. And if my online friends would care if I suddenly disappeared.
  9. im the same way except i never wear shorts lol

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  10. Honestly? The thing I am MOST insecure about is that I cannot enjoy sex. Being raped completely obliterated sex for me. It just feels like I've stolen from somebody or something every time I try.
  11. I'm sorry to here that! I've had a few friends that went through that aswell. .. what I'm insecure about is that I'm really quiet till I get to know people. . And that I am bipolar so my moods are all over the place and do and say stupid things bc of it
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    For me it's my lips. Their always chapped no matter what I do. No matter how much water I drink or how much chapstick I put on its always chapped.

    I have good and bad days but when it's bad I feel really insecure and have to check to make sure it isn't noticeable.

    I'm outgoing and have no problem with talking to females or occasionally scoring. But I feel like no one will really want me if I don't get this problem under control :(

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  13. I'm too quiet around a lot of people if I don't know them well, even though I don't want to be. Sometimes I have a hard time making conversation, or making interesting conversation. I used to be really funny back in the day, but have since lost most of that humor and have a hard time making some people laugh. I've worked on all those and have gotten a lot better to the point where they aren't as noticeable. Like a previous poster said though, those tendencies are still below the surface.
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    My teeth.
    My legs.
    My arms.
    My hair sometimes.
    My clothes if I feel like I picked the wrong outfit, i'll be constantly adjusting.
    My nails if they aren't freshly clipped.
    My laugh.
    My writing.
    The way my ass seems to look really bad sometimes, when i'm naked.
    My introversion.
    My slight overbite.
    The way I sometimes slur my words when i'm stoned.
    My eating habits in front of a girl.
    My big toes.
    My pubes if they are starting to grow out of control, it's sex with the lights off until I trim.
    The way my voice sounds in my head, some days I sound good others like i'm whinning.
    My lips, I have a nervous habit of picking at them and it sometimes get's very recognizable.
    When I pass gas.
    Depends on who's listening but i'm also occasionally insecure about my choice of music.
  15. Everything. I have extreme anxiety so it's a big deal when I manage to leave the house of my own accord. Like today.
  16. One thing I'm most insecure about is trying to get to know new people, especially people I personally find cool and want to get to know on a more personal, friendly level.
    Sometimes it works itself out and it just seems easy, but other times I feel like I'm really trying and getting nowhere. 
  17. My hair and my giant German nose. I also have an inferiority complex, yet at the same time I think I'm God. (figure that oxymoron out)
  18. - My accent/voice
    - I hate my height, I hate being 4'11 so much >.<
    - My teeth
    - I feel like my stomach is massive
    - I can't keep my opinion to myself
    - As bad as this is to say, I see other girls with guys and I can't act the cute way that they do >.< 
  19. Been thinking about this for ages lkl
    Honestly nothing. Im happy with my looks and principles,and what goes on in my head. What i mean nothing is holding me back or making me socially akward.
    Im a skinny lad but thats never bothered me,and i have never gave a flying fuck what anyone thinks about me.

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  20. My body size
    My voice
    My baby face
    My hair
    My personality / I'm an introvert

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