What are you guys like in real life?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sad Panda, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I don't know how exactly to ask this question...just describe what kind of a person you are if you can. Otherwise, take this funny test from thespark.com so we can all get a general idea (http://test3.thespark.com/person/).

    I'm just curious what you guys are like in real life. Are you really extroverted and like to go to huge parties? Are you quiet and shy and a loner? Are you accepting of lots of different kinds of people? I'm honestly just wondering.
  2. Well I tried your test, and these are my results...

    (Submissive Introvert Abstract Thinker )

    Like just 8% of the population you are a MASTERMIND (SIAT). You can be silent and withdrawn, but behind your reserved exterior lies an active mind that allows you to analyze situations and come up with creative, unexpected solutions. Normal people call this "scheming." Don't learn German.

    Anyway, your sense of style and originality are your strengths, and people will respect your judgment once they get to know you. If you learn to be a little more personable, you could be a great leader--you've definitely got the "vision" thing down. Just make sure all the plotting you do behind those eyes of yours is healthy.

    Famous masterminds in television: Dr. Claw, The Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Montgomery Burns.

    Lol, I would have just described myself as easygoing and thoughtful. I try not to get too caught up in the day to day grind of life. It's too short my friends, we all need to enjoy it while we can.

    Edit: And I can be submissive if it's the right woman, lol. ;)
    (Dominant Introvert Concrete Feeler )

    Like just 3% of the population you are a PROBER (DICF)--curious, passionate, driven, and probing. You're the kind of person who can't leave well enough alone. You have a very strong personality and a sense of adventure. And you'd rather go out and experience things for yourself than take someone else's word for it. Some people probably think you're a maniac.

    People have a hard time believing you're an intelligent person. Perhaps there's a reason for this? Time will tell.

    Gee and l thought l was a nice guy,lol.
  4. Dont worry, guys. All of the results are designed to make you feel like an asshole/moron/loser.

    *group hug*
    (Submissive Introvert Concrete Thinker )

    Like just 7% of the population you are an ACCOUNTANT (SICT)--reserved, meticulous, and dependable. While being called an accountant isn't really that cool, neither are you. You aren't exactly the life of the party, but you do have fun, and the people close to you really do love you.

    There are basically two kinds of accountants, and you most likely fit into one of the two categories:

    Seriously: accountants are good at whatever they do. They can always be trusted, especially by their friends. They almost never cheat or steal. (Some real-life accountants do, however, they are probably Judges (DICT)). You probably have a wonderful relationship with your family.

    I'm offended, they pictured me as a white guy.
  6. i'm pictured as an accountant as well. blah.
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.

    Years ago, I was an accountant, now the spark says I'm:

    This is a pretty good discription, considering I'm thinking about teaching as a career. And the extrovert labeling might be a bit much...I'm sort of on the border of introvert and extrovert. But otherwise, it certainly works.
    (Submissive Introvert Abstract Feeler )

    omg..i dont een want to tell you what it said to me....lol
    im so depressed now....
    i think it called me a loser and to stop talkin to myself,lmao

    i must have misunderstood a few of the questions

    ida said, befor i took that crazy wrong test im shy but definately outgoing and a NICE person...

    *edit okay this is too funny here it is....aint i special only 11%

    (Submissive Introvert Abstract Feeler )

    Like just 11% of the population you are a DREAMER (SIAF)--reserved and imaginative. You are basically the shy, silent type. You don't have much interest in facts and figures or most of what's going on around you, but the internal worlds you build for yourself are rich and complex.

    Luckily, your creativity and strong heart mean you have a deep personality evident to anyone who gets to know you. It's just that not many people do, because most everyone thinks you're a loser. Talk to yourself less, other people more, little shaver.

    whats a liitle shaver?
    this is just too funny
  9. i'm an accountant as well....lol.....Peace out.......Sid
  10. I'm a guy, whoes, happy with his girl, Mis Marry Jane...... :-D what dose that tell ya

    - pussy on the brain
    - rez in da lungs
    - oh and construction worker

    :) dat enough?... well ok a little more fer ya is that I'm a nice guy who says off beat things sometimes.. i wish i could get involved in a steady relationship but i dout its going to happen to soon.. i carry a 4 pound brass slug with me at all times just to weight down my fist thats rapidly aproaching you rude commenting mouth so please, dont fuck with me, i dont like it at all and I'm not affraid to show it... i love puppys but hell who dosent and I'm a sucker for a love comidy.. yup thats me in real life, me as in Pot Mac and not Morris, Morris is a dork.. hehe j/k
  11. PROBER
    (Dominant Introvert Concrete Feeler )

    Me& critter, imagine that!!

    So I'm just the 30 something woman at the drive thru with a funny grin on her face!! You shoulda heard what these girls were just sayin' in here!! Had a little hottie come thru in a Mustang today...........SO glad it's Friday!!!
    (Dominant Extrovert Concrete Thinker )

    Hide the children and protect the bunnies, basically. In ancient times you would be a deadly barbarian."

  13. Not true, kinda.

  14. <center>
    <font color=#cc0000 face="times new roman" size=7>
    <font size=2>
    (<font color=blue>S</font>ubmissive <font color=blue>E</font>xtrovert <font color=blue>A</font>bstract <font color=blue>F</font>eeler)</font>

    <table cellpadding=8><tr><td valign=top align=center>[​IMG]

    <font size=4 face=arial>Pot Geek</font><font face=verdana size=1>
    </font></td><td valign=top>

    <font face=verdana size=2>
    Like just 12% of the population you are a GURU (SEAF)--kind, knowing, giving. Like Buddha of old,
    you can
    be a persuasive speaker, and you use your creative talents to further the
    objectives of your heart instead of your mind. But be careful that your
    friends don't take advantage of your relaxed nature, that's what happened
    to Jesus.

    Above all, you like going with the flow. And there is probably nothing in
    the world you haven't smoked. That's cool. Oh yeah, you like to talk a
    lot. That's cool, too. Whatever.</table>
  15. MENTOR
    (Submissive Extrovert Abstract Thinker )

    Like just 6% of the population you are a MENTOR (SEAT). Some would call you the most powerful and influential of all people. Those people are wrong.

    The reality is that you DON'T really WANT to impose personal views or beliefs on others. Yet you are extroverted and intelligent, and you like to get involved. So you help others with the pursuit of knowledge.

    You're the reason that people say "teachers are also students." You are as much a learner as a master, and this satisfies you.

    You won't die a lonely death, but towards the end you'll grow introspective, wondering if your life meant anything. This will last for decades, and you'll die after your spouse.
  16. HEALER
    (Submissive Extrovert Concrete Feeler )

    Like just 9% of the population you are a HEALER (SECF)-- caring, good with people, and patient. You are completely selfless and full of love. As a concrete feeler, you do well with your emotions, which are very strong. You understand and appreciate *why* you feel the way you do, and for the most part you're at peace with yourself.

    Suffering in the world really pisses you off.

    In relationships, it's easy for you to get hurt. Avoid all kinds of dominant (D***) people, *especially* in dating or marriage. You are a motherly figure, even if you're a guy. If you're a girl, make sure you're a mom some day. The world's children need people like you. If you're a guy, don't even think about it. Most pedophiles are HEALERS.

    On the rare occasions when you try to assert yourself, you're cute and awkward, but highly effective.
  17. l answered the questions the same but got a different answer.......ACTIVIST
    (Dominant Extrovert Concrete Feeler )

    critter 2
    Like just 4% of the population you are an ACTIVIST (DECF)-- motivated and righteous, you feel the need to change this harsh, horrible world we live in. The world would be your oyster, if you weren't 27% likely to be vegetarian. Anyway, you are forceful and outgoing, so you enjoy interacting with other people and are willing to aggressively pursue your goals. If you are male, you are probably thin and lanky, just because that's what activists look like. If you are female, you probably wear thick-rimmed glasses and tight clothes *or* some kind of hippie outfit. Also, sometimes you have trouble with orgasms, since you have trouble losing control.

    In more general terms, you are driven much more by emotion than logic. But because of your ideals, you are more interested in real-world results than abstract conclusions.

    Advice from us: Make sure you listen to your opposition. Don't hasten to attack different ideologies. This will also help your relationship with your friends.
  18. they said i like to find missing children over the internet (submissive Introvert Concrete Feeler)

    Like just 10% of the population you are a HELPER WHO FINDS MISSING CHILDREN OVER THE INTERNET (SICF). You are very tentative in the world and introverted with people--which means you are the shy and silent type. Hence the Internet. But behind your reserved exterior lies a dedicated person with a passion for the concrete truth who wants to, in his heart of hearts, help find missing children. God bless you.

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