what are you guys doing tonight

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by notRoger, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. i'm just lounging around tonight. its currently 2:18pm and im waiting till 3:30 when my friend gets off of work. we are gonna meet up by the liquor store and split an 8th ($60) of some hawaiian bubonic chronic and get blazed. i'll probably come back to my place after. just a night of blazing and watching movies for me. time to take it easy before my weekend gets hectic.
  2. Just got a quarter of mids and a pack of JOB Crystals. Going to invite some friends over, roll some joints, and just enjoy ourselves.
  3. where the hell do u live? its 830 here...been drinkin since 5:30 smoked a few bowls got a nice buzz...about to reup here in a little while and prob goin to see superbad with the girl later on tonight
  4. i'll smoke.
  5. i'm on hawaiian time. :)

  6. must be nice man, fl isnt bad at all but hawaii has got to be the shiznit...ladies and bomb buds everywere
  7. hawaii has some of the best bud ive smoked but its just mad expensive. damn you inflation!!!

    its ok, im growing my own outdoor batch.

    where in flordia are you?
  8. bokey aka da key ...60 a track is the goin rate out here for the top notch funk so its the same as there...good luck on that grow man
  9. i guess i dont mind paying those prices out here. i have never smoked or seen any schwag before nor do i come across mids regularly but the dank is always flying high.
  10. Shit man. I'm chilln at home, blazing to some tunes. Probably going to chill with some friends
  11. smoking a couple bowls of some dank maybe make a drink and watch some movies right after my dad goes asleep.
  12. Tight movie man, fucking funny.

    Called a buddy, he's gonna go get an 1/8 of the same shit I got, and he's gonna smoke me out cos he owes me :smoking:

    Definitely going to come home later and drink some beers.
  13. Purple Kush for my neighbor and I tonight.
  14. Gonna watch underworld and then once it's over and I start to sober up a tiny bit I'm going to clean my room up. Woo, wild Friday night huh? I worked my ass off today and just don't feel like going out.
  15. Man, today I got high and went for a bike ride after work. It was great and I went on a swing set for a bit and also watched the river go by down at the park. Went and visited my old friend's grave site for a while and remembered some hilarious memories. Then I figured I'd come back home and check up on the UFC 75 weigh ins for the big show on tv tomorrow. Then after several months or maybe more of not visiting grasscity, I was like hell yeah. I had a two month old PM that made me laugh my ass off. Next up I think I'm going to get more high and watch some tv with my mom. I live a pretty happy but somewhat solitary life. I think I like it.
  16. Im watching game 7 of the Canada/Russia super series. (hockey) Russia is up 2-0, at intermission i'm going to roll a joint.
  17. just packed a bowl in my pipe. tonights gonna be the first time i blaze inside my room...i usually just go outside.

    wish me luck...:smoking:
  18. everyone is my town is waiting to reup. im to lazy to leave my area so i think ill have to wait a little bit before i can grab. in the mean time i guess ill drink a few beers.
  19. I'm not doing anything. It's been a long time sence I haven't smokes on a weekend. But you know I gotta prioitize. My car comes before smoke time, and anyways my bong is broken. I have been trying to figure out this car thing all day so I couldn't really go looking for a new one. Well I hope everyone has fun tonight.
  20. Got over 3 grams to smoke, just some mids but I only payed $15.

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