What are you going to name your kids?

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  1. I think everyone thinks of it atleast once or twice before they have kids....and i've come to the conclusion that my wife would be the one naming them because i would go with these names right here

    3.optimus prime

    ...or noah or jacob.

    what would yours be
  2. If its a dude probably Cody or Tyler, idk I've always thought those were cool names.

    If its a girl... Idk like sarah or something. Fuck girls.

  3. lolol
  4. Im naming my son Barack.

    If its a female, well, you dont need a name to slave in a kitchen, so fuck it
  5. If I am the father to a girl I want to give her a boyish name, or something that can be shortened to a boy's name. All the chicks I knew growing up with boy names were cool as hell...and tougher because they got teased in elementary school. I always thought that was cool anyway.
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    Bodhi, because Point Break was a badass movie and it also means "enlightenment". Doubt the mother would go for it though. Now that I think about it, it would make a better name for a dog.
  7. Achilles (pronounced a-sheel). Masimo or Holy Selassie I , lord of lord,king of kings,the conquering lion of the tribe of judaah
  8. Jingle and Jangle.

    But seriously im planning on naming my son Richard Ronald Jaynes IV.

    Im the third, my father was Jr and his father was the original. Id like to keep that name in the family cause it sounds baddass lol
  9. Apollo
    the prophet muhammed
  10. King James Archibald Tchaikovsky Beethoven the 12th.:cool:
  11. George Foreman
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    Offspring 1

    If it's a girl, Offspring 1 - Female Type

    I butt fuck kids.

  13. You like to butt fuck kids? :smoke:
  14. [quote name='"Happy Times"']

    You like to butt fuck kids? :smoke:[/quote]

    I fixed it.
  15. I always loved the name Daniel.

    So boy = Daniel

    Girl = Natasha
  16. jack & ellie if in im my thirties as i plan to be
    if it happens in my 20s id have to go for mistake & unplanned
  17. boy - David

    girl - no idea... there are a lot of pretty names.
  18. gordan bombay

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