what are you getting me for ....

Discussion in 'General' started by TECHN9NE, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. my birthday, wwwwahat jk, but anyway, what would you (hypothetically) get me for ma cakeday?
  2. A tye dye miniature elephant with a golden spear and helmet who can trapeze through the air as well as ride a unicycle, while blowing fire from its mouth and juggling chainsaws.
  3. how about a date with one of my big-boodie hens ?

  4. You ever seen one of those pocket stenographers? You know, the midgets with the type writers? I would get you one of those.
  5. 2 hits of cid
  6. a card

    nah maybe a 1/8th or some trippy ass shit for your room or a new bowl or new diffuser etc
  7. a hippopatamus...

    and you better fuckin like it!
  8. An e card that says Marry Christmas

  9. a cheap hooker
  10. Dude... thats what the hippo was for. Thanks a bunch for ruining my gift...
  11. :devious:
  12. well what do you want..personally i think a personal oompa loompa is in order.
  13. I second that.
  14. chip in oompa loompas aint cheap.
  15. uh...uhh....A TIE...yup...spent all fo 10 minutes on buying it, so have fun
  16. a .4 line of peruvian....enjoy

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