What are you elitist about?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. I'm elitist when it comes to my tastes in Music, Whiskey and Cereal.

    share your own.


    almost forgot....

    and cannabis (particularly hash). duh. silly me.

    edit part 2:

    lol, and computer games.
  2. oh dude, where do i start...

    music naturally.

    newspapers, what you read *that* gossip rag?

    tv-shows / movies, no comment

    political / religious views, anything remotly smelling of fundamentalism or populism, is just plain wrong.

    sports, football is crap. now rally, curling, skateboarding and snowboarding on the other hand. those are sports. oh, and trial biking, with and without engines. the balance of them dudes is just, well, out of this world.

    i got more, but i thought i'd give the others a shot :D

    oh, and i'm not elitist, i just have very very good taste. so there.
  3. hiatachi!

    coil roffing nailer....

    the fastest

    and the longest lasting!

    nothing comes close...

    if i have to shoot a bostage or god forbid a pasload....becose my gun is down for a day or so ....id rather take the time off till mune is fixed...fortuneitly it rarly breaks...mostly rutean matinance is enuff to keep it like new!
  4. It's gotta be tha shizzle, my bike needs to be tha beefiest baddest ass piece of metal ever ridden for trials. My Profile cranks, Hatecake bashruard, KMC Kink chain, and Motocross bars off a YZ250.

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  5. Here it is, the the baddest drivetrian that could possibly be built, with Surly hub, ACS freewheel, and the motorcycle sized chain, twin chainrings to support the monster chain,and the Profile and Hatecake

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  6. and check this billet aluminium piece of functional art, this thing is so beefy and massive that it simply is all the power of existence itself manifested into a block of aluminium. I've already cracked concrete with this thing and it makes a LOUD mafuckin CLINK! when i sproket stall at the skatepark. I got mad love fo' tha Hatecake!

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  7. I'm am never elitest about anything (is that elitest?)
  8. i am elitist when it comes to informing ingnorant/misguided people about drugs. i just love proving the whole class wrong when they say stupid shit that they learned in dare, just taking what they said and shoving it up their ignorant asses. damn... i hate/d high school =/
  9. Im elitest about....

    computers I would have to say
    have to have the best :p

    Nice bike btw
  10. Art, graphic design, weed, downloading everything, and definetely getting free stuff.
  11. liqour, drugs (including the juana), cooking and fishing.....

    besides that..... i can make real good conversation....:D
  12. elitist? never heard the term before...

    guessing it means something that you can only have the best of?

    if thats true then beer. i CANT drink cheap beer. just cant. i think thats about it. everything else i dont really care about aslong as it functions properly.
  13. Soul Calibur (keep yer bong hole shut digit, heheh) and rolling joints
  14. Same as Mr Criminal the elitest and making J's and also the elitest at sarcasm when really ripped (force of habit...Yeah Right:D)

  15. NO NO NO GUYZ!

    What does a GanjaMom always go for a WeedBoss ;)

    So as you see i am

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